My problem was with heroin, intravenous

My opinion or results I expected about the treatment from here or basically what I received was care, professional care from everybody that works here, every employee, they’re very well trained, they know what they’re doing and they’re here to help you. That’s number one, they’re here to help you…

I had a heroin and methadone problem

I’m 27 years old, I come from New York city. I had a heroin and methadone problem. I decided to come to Serbia to get clean. I came to Vorobiev, it’s a detox center. I was here for 3 weeks and my experience over here was great. Staff, doctors, everybody was helpful.

I had a really bad crack and heroin addiction

Before going into the clinic, Dr Vorobiev clinic, my biggest concern was withdrawals, because believe you me they are the hell on earth. And I was just absolutely shocked how smooth the transition was, I felt absolutely no pain. It felt like going for a 12 hour sleep, so that was great.

I’ve been using heroin for 22 years as well as cocaine, hash, acid and ecstasy

Anybody who has anybody that they really care about and would like to help them out I advise that they start saving end get them over here to doctor Vorobiev clinic.

I was on heroin and crack for the last 17 years

I’m 53 years old, I’ve just attended clinic. Been using since I was 15 heroin and crack for the last 17 years. Tried to do detoxes many times, but I still carried on using. Just attended clinic, I was terrified of coming in, I didn’t know how hard it’s gonna be, but I found it very easy. Now I’m currently looking forward to the future.

I came here with a heroin problem that I had for 10 years

I’m from England, I’m 35 years old, I came here with a heroin problem that I had for 10 years. This clinic is very, very good. As soon as I came through the doors, like when I came from the airport to here I was withdrawing and as soon as I came in I got treatment straight away.

We’ve been on heroin and methadone for the last 22 years

We’ve been, as a couple, on heroin and methadone for the last 22 years. And after we’ve lost our daughter last year, we decided we’d find somewhere where we could come to get clean. And the first place we looked on the internet in England, Dr Vorobiev name came up.

Addiction free after 20 years of heroin usage

I’m embarrassed to say I’m 50, I come from *** in the UK. And I’m 44 from Nottingham… -ish. The treatment’s fantastic, the people are fantastic…ery quick to help. Any problems, you go to them and it’s sorted like that. Thank you very much.

I was a heroin addict

What was the most important procedure on the treatment here? I didn’t feel nothing. It is very good, yeah. What were your expectations from this treatment at our clinic? No pain. And did you get that? Yeah, yeah.

Ibogaine treatment heroin withdrawal

For the first time I was here to detox myself from heroin. The second time, after two months, I was here for an implant of naltrexone and after the third time I’m here for Ibogaine process. And now, for several months, I’m clean, without no drugs.

Heroin addict from Australia

I had a major heroin addiction, which lasted for 13 years on and off. I’ve had 9 naltrexone implants. I’ve gone to many different therapies and no solution. This last time when I started using I wasn’t happy with myself and I was on the brink of suicide, because I didn’t wanna go for a detox…

Heroin addiction treatment centers Dr Vorobiev

Yes, I’m here for heroin addiction. First time I used it 12 years ago, after 10 years I relapsed and I realized that I cannot do it by myself, the detox, so I chose to come to a clinic. I found it very good. Comparing with other clinics, you don’t feel sleepy and you’re just normal.

Ibogaine in the treatment of heroin withdrawal

I had Ibogaine therapy, which is like hallucinogenic, similar to mushrooms, just much, much more intense and it kind of resets your brain. But definitely don’t worry about coming out here. It works out cheaper to come here, to fly to Serbia for treatment, then what it does to go somewhere like to…

Ibogaine therapy for heroin addiction

If you come here and do your rehab, come for 2 weeks, maybe come back and do Ibogaine. If you do that, you’ll be happy, you’ll come out and you’ll feel happy. I’ve had no real withdrawals at all, to be honest with you, it’s been really, really easy.

Heroin, LSD and methadone addiction – Ibogaine traitement

People from America and around the world come here to try some of these methods. I came here with the help of my family, who paid for everything and I got Rapid detox and Ibogaine.

20-year heroin addict from UK

When I seen my brother, that motivated me to come to this clinic, because with the ones in England you can’t succeed. So after his treatment at this clinic, I came here as well. I’ve done my treatment and I’m very satisfied with the treatment that I’ve got here.

Rapid opiate heroin detox experience patient from Miami

My name is Daniela and I’ve been living in Miami for 20 years. I’ve had a drug problem for 10 years, intense addiction actually. I was addicted to amfetaminas, benzos and suboxone, opiates in general. The last few years I’ve been trying really hard to find good clinic to go to get help and…

Heroin detox experience and naltrexone implant 12 months

Hi I’m addicted to crack and heroin and I drunk far too much … I thought this thing will make me more confidante and happier but they didn’t and they destroyed my relationship with everyone around me, damage, my mom, my dad and my brother wasn’t even talking to me. I pretty much self in the back…

Heroin detox procedures without withdrawal symptoms United Kingdom patient

Im from UK United Kingdom. I smoking heroin for 10 years, 10 solid years been pretty difficult for me as well. A had family problems and all troubles i get myself into. My wife research on the internet about this place where do detox and implant which is in Belgrade. So we look on the internet and…

Rapid opiate detox under anesthesia my experience + naltrexone implant

Patient from London addicted to Heroin. Passed the rapid heroin detox, ibogain treatment and naltrexone implant on 12 months. Hi im polly, before i came to hospital i was addicted to heroin, crack cocaine and drunk party much. I thought that this thing makes me happy, but they didn’t, and made…

Heroin and methadone detox clinic patient from London

I’m from England and my problem was heroin addiction and methadone as well, but before I came I stopped my methadone for 20 days so there was no methadone in my system but I had heroin in my system.

Heroin detoxification clinic, rapid detox, UK patient

Patient of 42yo from UK. Heroin addiction for 15 years. Daily dose of street heroin was up to 1.0 gr. by smoking on foil (“chasing the dragon”). Underwent Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification. On the 5th day of treatment demonstrates no physical symptoms of withdrawl (deep muscle and bone…

Heroin detoxification procedure, detox treatment experience

Hard core heroin addiction for ten years. Daily dose of pure heroin is up to 8.0 gr intravenously. Rapid opioid detoxification for 7 days included 3 anesthesia assisted procedures. Additional pharmacological support and neuro jet therapy were used. Naltrexone treatment is planned.

Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification UROD patient from Paris

Rapid and ultra rapid opioid detoxification techniques at dr Vorobiev clinic. Patient from Paris. Heroin addiction for 6 years. Passed Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification. No symptoms of physical withdrawal at the end of 5 day in-patient treatment. Received 12 month Naltrexone implant.

Ibogaine therapy for drug addiction, europe, facilities, success stories

Daniela: Hi, what’s your name? Marco: My name is Marco. Daniela: Where are you from, Marco? Marco: From Milan, Italy… Daniela: How old are you? Marco: 44. Daniela: Marco, what was your problem? Why did you come to this clinic? Marco: I had tons of problems. I was using heroin, cocaine…

Heroin recovery program success stories, rapid detox and ibogaine therapy

Daniela: Hi, what’s your name? Alberto: My name is Alberto and I come from Italy. Daniela: Ok, Alberto, what kind of problem did you have, why did you come to Dr Vorobjev hospital? Alberto: I came to the hospital because I have smoked heroin for five years, 3-4 grams a day during the first…

Heroin addict before and after, success recovery stories, interview, testimony

Hi, tell us your name and why are you here in the first place? I come from Germany, I have lived there for 20 years, of which I’ve been a heroin addict for 15. Have you tried to get treated till now? I underwent various kinds of treatments in different clinics in Germany and the whole of…

Drug addiction treatment stories in europe, heroin intravenous injection

I am 35 years old. I have been using drugs for 15-16 years now. In the beginning they were all light drugs, then the hard ones – heroin, cocaine, and I injected intravenously, too. It destroyed my life. I had problems with the police and with my family. I’ve been trying out various therapies…

Detoxification from heroin without pain and symptoms of abstinence

MARCO: My name is Marco. I’m from Italy. I was using 3g heroine daily for years. I wished to stop. I found this clinic on Internet. Now, when the treatment is over I say that this clinic is trustworthy. Two rapid detoxifications were done. The whole treatment took eight days. Everything was good…

Heroin detox clinic, naltrexone implant 3 months

dr Alexey: Alexander, we would like to hear your story about your recovery. How was it, what was the result? If you don’t mind please tell us about it. What country are you from? patient: I’m from Greece. dr Alexey: When was the first time you tried drugs? patient: It was about 10 years…

Drug detoxification program and naltrexone implant procedure

Patient from Greece.27 yo. Heroin addiction for many years. Passed ultra rapid opiate detoxification and went on Naltrexone implant program for one year. After one year of being under naltrexone protection lost craving for drugs, gained ability to control his behavior, obtained a good job…