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Ibogaine treatment

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IBOGAINE completely eliminates withdrawal symptoms from opiates. It also gets rid of cravings for opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine, and alcohol.


Ibogaine treatment

Basic precondition for this treatment is that patient has to be clean from all the narcotics and with no signs of withdrawal syndrome.

In recent years, various studies suggested that ibogaine, a hallucinogenic indole alkaloid isolated from Iboga plant,has major potential in addiction therapy (opiate, alcohol, tobacco) as well in psychotherapy. Today, the use of ibogaine is acknowledged as an effective alternative approach in drug addiction therapy.

The major advantage of ibogaine in addiction treatment is it’s lack of addictive effects. It reduces the symptoms of withdrawal, and allows a painless detoxification to some extent. After taking ibogaine, patients usually experience decreased desire to take drugs even for a period of several months. Ibogaine’s psychological effect helps patients to understand, face and resolve the issues that led them to their addiction in the first place. Ibogaine’s metabolite (Noribogaine) boosts dopamine and serotonin levels in patients body, which temporarily overpowersthe need for drugs and breaks learned behavior patterns.

Details about this treatment 

IBOGAINE completely eliminates withdrawal symptoms from opiates. It also gets rid of cravings for opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine, and alcohol. 



Ibogaine treatment


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Conditions of stay in our Hospital

  • Medical care is provided by doctors and nurses on 24hour duty 7 days a week.  All the doctors are board certified anesthesiologists, psychiatrists and psychologists with 10-25 years of experience. Totally clinic employs 30 people.
  • Patients and staff safety is guaranteed  by  guards and security agency. 
  • The patients are accommodated in comfortable  2 and 3 bedroom wards.  Each ward has a bathroom, shower, wardrobe, TV set, bedside tables. All rooms are cleaned twice a day. One accompanying person can stay free.  (30euro per day for meal)

Comfortable 2 or 3 bedroom rooms Our rooms accommodation

  • Patients also have billiards, gym, table tennis and yoga classes at their disposal. 
  • Meals include breakfast, lunch, dinner + fruits and juices / tea.  Food is cooked at clinic's kitchen. The patient's wishes, food preferences, therapeutic diets, religious eating habits are taken into account.

Food kitchen Food

  • We meet the patients from other countries at the airport or bus/train station and provide free shuttle to clinic.
  • We also offer our help in obtaining Serbian visa for those foreign patients who need it.
  • At the request of the patients the guided tours, sightseeings, picnics is the option.

free shuttle to heroin detox clinic Detoxification from drugs clinic Dr Vorobiev


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