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Cocaine and psychostimulants addiction treatment program

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Cocaine and psychostimulants addiction treatment program includes 14 or 21 days (based on patient's health and history of addiction) intensive inpatient therapy in our cocaine addiction treatment center and 12 moths of outpatient therapy for maintaining stabile condition of the patient.  

The goal of the cocaine and psychostimulant addiction treatment is elimination of the narcotics cravings, renewing psychological functions, sleep normalization, emotions management, behavioral control, paranoia correction, correction of psychotic or symptoms of depression, creating a negative association towards narcotics at subconscious level.  It is consisted of:

1. Diagnostics

Diagnostics is the first and very important stage in a process of recovery. The purpose of diagnostics is to assess physical and mental condition of the patient, to evaluate the extent of addiction, to identify the presence of short and long term effects of drug abuse, as well, to define the degree of motivation, criticism and preservation of volitional mechanisms.

The standard diagnostic screening at our clinic includes: 

Diagnostic for standard detoxification treatment

- medical examination by internist psychiatrist

- intensive care specialist


- hepatitis and HIV tests

- biochemical blood test  

- urine tests


In case of serious aberrations in laboratory tests and/or in case of the presence of the risk factors, we additionally invite specialists from other medical centers to take part in diagnostics and treatment progress. On the basis of our clinic or by the contract with our partner clinics  we  provide MRI, EEG, ultrasound, x-rays, endoscopy research, as well as we seek for complementary consultation of cardiologists, neurologists, endocrinologists and other specialists. These complex additional tests are not included in the price of this treatment program and are additionaly charged. We also provide some specific laboratory tests for drug detection in blood, urine and other bodily fluids. 


After completing the diagnostic, results are discussed in the team of doctors where they determine strategy and plan of treatment. 

2. Infusions and N.E.T (Neuro Jet) therapy

  • Infusions include multivitamins, minerals and a complex of amino acids combined in such a wayN.E.T. therapy as to enhance metabolism and appetite, giving back to patients the power they need to continue the therapy, because our treatment at our clinic is intense and therefore effective. 
  • The Neuro-Jet device emits soft vibrating electric waves through connectors located on the neck area of ​​the patient. The treatment is completely painless and contributes to the regulation of dopamine and endorphins in the body, as well to overcoming the first stages of the crises, when the patient quits the substance.

3. Elimination of cravings at subconscious level

  • Information therapy and “eye-movement integrator” software, audio-visual stimulation using  „mind machine“
  • Psychotherapy involves rehabilitation at psychological level. With the help of psychiatrists andeducation-psychotherapy-cocaine-addiction psychologists, patients build a defense mechanism against the substance and the desire to consume it.  
  • Hypnotherapy - to create unconscious change in the patient in the form the of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors or feelings. ]


4. Creating a drug-free way of thinking 

Educational phase:
  • Group and individual psychotherapy, 

  • Symbol drama, 

  • "say no” training, 

  • Relapse prevention mechanisms. 


5. Aversive therapy 

Using pharmacological substances that provoke negative reaction to narcotics use (vaccine)


6. Evaluating the results of the treatment 

Preparations for hospital discharge, further instructions for patients and their relatives.

7. Outpatient treatment

Twelve months of outpatient anti-relapse support


Unique team of experts is conducting the treatment: psychiatrists, toxicologists, psychologists, special pedagogues, translators, physiotherapist, yoga instructor and trainer. Wide range of modern medical equipment is used in the treatment.


NOTE: If it is not possible to complete detoxification successfully during 7 days of this program (due to extreme intensity of dependency to substance), the extra days will be charged additionally.  


Cocaine addiction treatment


Conditions of stay in our Hospital

  • Medical care is provided by doctors and nurses on 24hour duty 7 days a week.  All the doctors are board certified anesthesiologists, psychiatrists and psychologists with 10-25 years of experience. Totally clinic employs 30 people.
  • Patients and staff safety is guaranteed  by  guards and security agency. 
  • The patients are accommodated in comfortable  2 and 3 bedroom wards.  Each ward has a bathroom, shower, wardrobe, TV set, bedside tables. All rooms are cleaned twice a day. One accompanying person can stay free.  (30euro per day for meal)

Comfortable 2 or 3 bedroom rooms Our rooms accommodation

  • Patients also have billiards, gym, table tennis and yoga classes at their disposal. 
  • Meals include breakfast, lunch, dinner + fruits and juices / tea.  Food is cooked at clinic's kitchen. The patient's wishes, food preferences, therapeutic diets, religious eating habits are taken into account.

Food kitchen Food

  • We meet the patients from other countries at the airport or bus/train station and provide free shuttle to clinic.
  • We also offer our help in obtaining Serbian visa for those foreign patients who need it.
  • At the request of the patients the guided tours, sightseeings, picnics is the option.

free shuttle to heroin detox clinic Detoxification from   drugs clinic Dr Vorobiev


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