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Electromagnetic field therapy

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Electromagnetic field therapy


Pulsed electromagnetElectromagnetic field therapyic field therapy has a great efficiency, easy and painless application with quick effects since the magnetic field expands through space and body and thus transfers energy and stimulates organism. It is applied in professional sport because of short-lasting recovery from injuries, difficult games and trainings for sometimes the body is exposed to many hours of strain and stress. Huge advantage of magnets is the possibility of applying them more than once a day and for a longer period of time without fear of any consequences.



  • Reduces PAIN and muscle SPASM by stimulating endocrine glands and hormones (ENDORPHINE) 
  • Increases cell energy and thus the energy level of the whole organism 
  • Reduces the SWELLING by improving the blood flow and transfer within a cell  
  • Reduces EXHAUSTION – it quickens local metabolism, increases concentration of O2 in tissues, brain and lings   


  • Nervousness and insomnia 
  • Spasm and muscle cramps (withdrawal crisis) Electromagnetic field therapy
  • Mood swings, deterioration of emotional reactions (it stimulates every endocrine gland and thus leads to relaxation, behavioural and emotional normalisation) 
  • Removes swellings and bloatedness (it quickens transfer of fluids)  
  • Reduces exhaustion and lack of breath (it increases oxygen concentration)  
  • Immunity drop  
  • Fractures (it quickens mending of bones)