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Benzodiazepine detoxification treatment, addicted to benzos, lorazepam, diazepam

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Benzodiazepine addict success stories with english translation.

Daniela: Good day to you, what's your name?

Francesco: Hi, I'm Francesco, I come from Italy.

Daniela: Ok, Francesco, what was your problem, why did you come to Dr Vorobjev clinic?

Francesco: I came to this clinic because of my problem with benzodiazepines... That's a medication I started using after one incident... I had an accident where I got spinal fracture and from then on I had problems with depression so doctors prescribed me this medication...

Daniela: Which benzodiazepines were those?

Francesco: Delorazepam.

Daniela: Which dose did you take?

Francesco: 30 drops a day... almost 4 years.

Daniela: 4 years, and how did you feel... like you can't do without them?

Francesco: Yes... And every time I tried to quit I suffered from symptoms of withdrawal.

Daniela: What symptoms did you have?

Francesco: Shivering, cramps, problems with my stomach, chills, I couldn't look at the light... exhaustion, that kind of symptoms...

Daniela: Were you able to sleep at night?

Francesco: A little.

Daniela: Did you try to have this treatment at some other clinic?

Francesco: No.

Daniela: Why?

Francesco: I don't think they do it... I don't think there's another clinic that provides this kind of treatment... I searched on the internet... This was the only one, the only that treats problems like mine. 

Daniela: I understand, and here, how many days did you spend with us?

Francesco: 10 days, today is the tenth.

Daniela: The tenth... And how did the treatment go?

Francesco: Fine... I mean, fine till now.

Daniela: Did you feel any symptoms, pains?

Francesco: Only for one day... I felt bad... I cried... I had a crisis...

Daniela: When?

Francesco: With the psychologist.

Daniela: Why, were you talking?

Francesco: It was connected to the withdrawal crisis.

Daniela: For one day?

Francesco: Yes, only one day.

Daniela: I understand...

Francesco: Regarding physical problems barely... minimal indeed...

Daniela: I understand... Which day was that, the first, second, third...?

Francesco: The fifth day.

Daniela: And before and after that, you didn't feel anything?

Francesco: No, no...

Daniela: And now, how do you feel?

Francesco: Fairly well.

Daniela: And how do you imagine yourself now, how do you see your life without benzodiazepins?

Francesco: I hope fine, I'm happy I don't use them any more...

Daniela: Do you feel more free..?

Francesco: Yes, it's a drug... It's like a drug... It causes more problems than good things...

Daniela: I understood... Thank you...

In our clinic for benzodiazepine and drug addiction , we have patient from all over the world: UK,Sheffield , Nottingham , Newcastle , Southampton , London , Leeds ,  Brighton, Bedford , Manchester, Birmingham ,  Liverpool, Glasgow , and also from  Austria , Italy, Usa ,Hungary , Poland , Greece , Bulgaria , Germany...