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Hospital Dr Vorobiev 

1.  Our clinic is a modern medical center for alcoholism and drug addiction treatment. 

 At  our clinic we use the full arsenal of the  latest medical techniques  to treat opioid addiction from all types of Opioid Detoxification to Full Course of Mental Dependence Treatment.

We offer Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification, Subutex detox (Buprenorphine Opioid Detoxification) , Ibogaine Therapy,  Neuro Jet Opioid Detoxification, Standard Medical Opioid Detoxification (Clonidine-Naloxone protocol), Opioid Detoxification with the help of  Efferent Methods of detoxification (plasmapheresis/ hemosorption, laser therapy, quantum hemotherapy), Neuro Electrical Theapy (N.E.T. therapy),  Xenone therapy, Cryotherapy.

Our clinic cooperates with  the worldwide renowned specialists in field of addiction medicine  such as Nazaralijev, Waismann, Guberman and others. Our specialists regularly attend international medical conventions and symposiums  dedicated to various problems of addiction (Budapesht 2008, Milan 2009, San Francisco 2010, etc.). Theclinic staff consists of  high skilled  professionals of different specialties: psychiatrists, neurologists, addictologists,  anesthesiologists, psychologists.

2.  The clinic has the latest modern medical equipment required for the processes of treatment and diagnostics,

including  apparatuses for constant monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory functions,   oxygen blood saturation,  ECG.  The wide range of  medical treatment equipment includes: Neuro Jet portable electronic devices and apparatuses for Trans Cranial Neuro Electrical Stimulation with the task to reinforce the synthesis of natural endorphins in patient's brain and thus alleviate the drug withdrawal symptoms and facilitate early recovery;  Gas Machine for Xenon Therapy, Computerized  Apparatus for Audio-Visual Brain Stimulation, Eye Move Integrator and other medical devices  not only significantly reduce the drug craving, but also contribute  to improvement and stabilization of  mental activity of the patients.

3. A unique method that effectively reduces craving for drugs. 

All long talks alone about  detrimental effects of the drugs, even if they are performed by the best psychotherapists, yield insufficient results. During the session an addict might sincerely agree that he has to stop taking drugs, but the in the same evening he goes on drugs again. It happens because  his urge for drugs is much more powerful than his injured volitional  mechanisms.  For that reason, the modern medicine seeks for the effective tools  to influence those deep layers of the human psyche where behavioural models are formed, to erase addictive habits and  enable the individual to  regain the control of his thoughts and behaviour. This goal can be achieved by conducting special audio-visual information procedures  directed to destroy pathological inter-neuron associations in patient's brain responsible for creating craving for drugs. The procedures are carried out only when the patient is put in a state of medical sleep which allows the audio and visual signals to penetrate deep into patient's brain and effectively influence the brain's structures and pathways where the drug memory is kept.

4. We offer different Rehabilitation Programs for everyone's different depths of addiction and personality. 

Our staff of professional  psychotherapists, clinical psychologists and special pedagogues is  trained at the best  rehab centers in Europe and USA  specialized  in treatment  and rehabilitation of alcohol and drug addiction treatment and  emotional and mental disorders like depression at the same time (dual diagnosis).

Their task is to perform psychological diagnostics, to discover the roots of addiction,  to form in  patient's mind an adequate, introspective relationship with his/her former problems and mistakes. Behavior counseling   programs  teach a patient to enjoy life without substance use, they  increase patient's motivation for sober life, as well as, create mechanisms of protection against relapse. Our psychological rehabilitation programs make your transition into a drug free life a smooth process.

5.  Naltrexone Blockade .

Idea of  “pharmacological isolation” in terms of treatment and prevention of addiction has been known for a long time. Pharmacological blockade ( in other words, a chemical protection against the drug due to constant presence of the drug antagonist in a body) enables the individual to remain socially active, and not to be physically isolated from society, which, unfortunately, is flooded with drugs.

An anti-drug  substance (in case of opioid addiction it is a full opiod antagonist - Naltrexone) in form of long-term injection or pellet is administered  into the body.  Naltrexone effectively blocks opioid receptors in patient's brain and thus  neutralizes the effect of opiates ( Heroin, Morphine and etc.) or causes very unpleasant and sometimes dangerous symptoms similar to those of drug withdrawal. Numerous studies, scientific researches performed world-wide since the first appearance  of Naltrexone  have convincingly proved its high efficacy in terms of opioid addiction treatment and reliable protection against relapse.

6.  Maintaining Therapy. 

The full treatment course consists of  two phases: a phase of in-patient treatment (14 days) and a phase of out-patient treatment (12 months).  It means that after obtaining the desirable result  during the in-patient phase a patient goes on out-patient  phase of treatment with the task to maintain the achieved result  for one year. Once in a month a patient has to see our doctor for evaluating his current physical and mental condition.  During the check up the doctor speaks to the patient and his relatives, obtains information  about  patient's  physical and mental state during the past  month, conducts urine drug tests, corrects therapy if it is necessary.  In case of  negaive changes: depression, uncontrollable behavior,  urge for drugs, sleep disorders and etc. patient has to contact the clinic immediately.

7.  Long Term Rehabilitation.

Narcotics  often destroy a person’s life to such an extent that several months are required for an individual to recuperate, to regain physical and mental  strength and begin a new drug free  life. We offer different  options of long term rehabilitation  in communes and  rehabilitation centres in Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Switzerland, Spain.

 During the  period of 15 years thousands of patients have undergone clinical treatment at our clinic. Among them are  Russians, citizens of the former Soviet Union Republics, Serbians, Croatians, Italians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Austrians,  Australians, people from USA, UK, Germany, UAE and others.

Our dedicated team of seasoned professionals is committed to delivering the most effective treatment available, helping you create a life of excellence beyond sobriety.


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