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MDPV addiction treatment

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MDPV (Bath salts)

What is MDPV? How does MDPV looks like?

MDPV (short for Methylenedioxypyrovalerone) is a psycho-stimulant drug that unlike some other drugsmdpv in stimulants class has no approved medical use. It is usually white (or yellowish depending on impurity) crystalline powder similar to sugar. Like Spice ("synthetic marijuana") MDPV was (and in some countries still is) sold as over the counter, marketed as Bath Salt, labeled "not for human consumption". It is a combination of drugs that mimic the effects of methamphetamines. Again, they are sold under delusive names (Magic, MTV, Cloud 9, Ivory Wave etc.) and fake instructions for use in order to avoid laws that would make this sale illegal.

 It is usually taken orally or by snorting, but intravenous administration is not rare.

Effects of MDPV

MDPV was frequently misidentified with MDMA (an active ingredient in Ecstasy pills), due to false "labeling" of ecstasy pills across Europe at a time, following the shortage of MDMA precursors (testing showed none or a very low presence of MDMA in Ecstasy pills and high MPDV or Mephedrone presence), but unlike MDMA used as a stimulant AND for its empathogenic (emotional closeness to people) effect,  MDPV is a pure stimulant, similar to  (but not the same as) cocaine and amphetamines.

Unlike cocaine, the effect of MDPV is much longer (4-5 hours),  with a weaker "high" and milder "crash" afterwards. Users are talkative, their heart rate and blood pressure is up, they hallucinate, have delusions and thought disorder and often exhibit self-harming behavior.


Side-effects of MDPV

MDPV has serious side-effects: Hypertension, Tremors, Panic attacks, Overheating, Nausea, Hyperthermia, Vomiting, Insomnia, Agitation, Palpitation, Uncontrollable twitches, Rapid breathing and extreme vasoconstriction which turns limbs pale or even blue. MDPV overdose, apart from physical dangers causes extreme psychosis.


Dangers of MDPV 

If we put aside dangerous known side-effects of MDPV, even then, MDPV is a hazardous mix of unknown chemical compounds.  Studies have shown that ingredients are very often missing from the product label. You cannot know what are you taking when using bath salts.


MDPV addiction treatment


MDPV is much more potent than methamphetamines, even in smaller doses. Serious study conducted on rats, showed that MDPV is ten times more addictive than meth! Bath salts, like most stimulants, alter normal dopamine levels which is a state that is almost impossible to overcome without professional help. Apart from physical addiction, this psychological dependence on MDPV requires joint effort by the patient, his doctors and his family.