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Detoxification from methadone treatment, methadone addiction

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35 y.o. patient from Sweden.  12 years of drug experience.  In 2001 survived critical septic condition with symptoms of thrombosis, circulatory and multiple organ failure as a result of using drugs intravenously. Since then was permanently on Methadone of 60mg daily.  After completion of detoxification from Methadone demonstrated satisfactory mental and physical condition.  Received long term Naltrexone implant for prophylactic purpose.

My name is Regina. I come from Sweden. I'm 35 years old and friend in Italy found this clinic for me on the internet and sent me the address. I am here because of methadone. I've been using for 5 years maybe. The treatment has been good. Great. The personal trainers even better! 
• How do you  feel now?
I feel really good. 
• So what do you think about the treatment? 
The treatment has been good. I haven't felt a thing of withdrawal.
• Was it hard for you to go through the withdrawal syndrome?
No. I didn't feel anything of it. Nothing. 
• So tell me, what are your plans for the future?
Go home, work! 
• Go on with your life?
Yes, and travel a lot. 
• Ok. That's nice. Thank you.

In our clinic for methadone detoxification, we have patient from all over the world: Leeds , Sheffield , UK, Liverpool, London , Newcastle , Southampton , Bedford , Glasgow , Manchester, Birmingham , Brighton, Nottingham , and also from Italy, Usa , Austria , Poland , Germany,  Greece , Bulgaria , Hungary ...