19760020 I’ve used heroin and crack for 22 years | Heroin Detox

I’ve used heroin and crack for 22 years

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Hello guys! I’m from London, I’ve been involved in drugs 27 years of my life, out of which I was clean 5 years. The only motivation within those 5 years was the death of my nana. That was a big shock and now my motivation to stay clean my nieces, being able to see them and play with them.

In total, I’ve used drugs heroin, crack, well more crack in the last 3 years, but a total of 22 years. Been to 27 rehabs, had 27 detoxes, but by far this detox treatment at Doctor Vorobiev clinic has been my best experience, because of the Ibogaine treatment, the aftercare.

And the psychotherapy sessions you have with your therapist are brilliant. Any troubles or issues you have, any thoughts, you can share and they will explain you from a different perspective.

And Iboragine really changes your mind. It’s like a type of LSD trip, but at the end of the day you’re being told certain thoughts, for example no drugs, so whenever you think you see drugs, your brain will say “No drugs”!

So after that and the implant, is the best for you for being safe.