Ich konsumiere Kokain seit fünfzehn Jahren

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So, hi! My name is ***. I’m 35 years old, I’m from Germany.  And I’ve been using cocaine for fifteen years already, I have a problem with that.  I cannot stop. I tried in Germany. I tried to get rid of that twice at a day clinic. But I couldn’t make it happen, unfortunately. I heard about the clinic here in Belgrade one year ago.  But I thought: that’s too much money hmmm... la-la-la. It won’t work anyway. I thought: Okay, I’ll do it in Germany. But the methods there are just different. And it did me no good.  I have to say with complete honesty... What helped me most here was Ibogain. It was very, very effective. And positively considering... I arrived here a proud ***. I thought then that I had a minor problem. But I have to say: They “opened” me here. And I understood my problem. I trully want to recommend everyone with this kind of problem to come here.