The effect of any drug is carried out through the system of natural substances in central nervous system, the so called neurotransmitters. The euphoria from use of cocaine is the result of repeated increase of dopamine in certain brain areas. However, this effect doesn’t last long.

In 40 minutes the high level of dopamine drops sharply below normal causing depression and dysphoria. This condition is called a “cocaine crash” and can be explained by deficiency of dopamine. Painful components of opioid withdrawal syndrome is a response of central opiate receptors to deficiency of endorphins, enkephalins and natural opioids in user’s brain.

Taking into account these neurochemical changes in the central nervous system during the drug withdrawal, an idea of drug detoxification through normalizing the balance of natural mediators instead of administering the new drugs was proposed. This technique has been successfully implemented with the help of computer-controlled neurostimulation.

The process of stimulation is exercised though the electrodes (similar to ECG electrodes) glued to the skin in under-ear areas. Electrical signals of selected frequency and amplitude induce production of natural neurotransmitters, compensating by this the lack of dopamine and endorphins in patient’s brain, that clinically results in almost complete elimination of withdrawal syndrome. During the N.E.T. Therapy the patient feels a slight vibration and tingling in contact areas. The procedure causes neither pain nor other unpleasant sensations such as nervousness, fear, depression.

During the first 2-3 days of N.E.T. therapy the mild drowsiness may present. Apparatus for Neuro Electric Therapy is a portable electronic device. The patient wears it in a belt bag or in a pocket without any inconvenience or limitation in physical activity: walking, having meal, sleep. After the first 3-4 days of treatment the mode of continuous stimulation is changed to fractional.

On the 5th -6th days the level of natural neurotransmitters is adequate and the apparatus is switched off. The N.E.T. therapy is remarkably effective. It allows not only to alleviate physical symptoms of withdrawal, but also significantly reduces craving for drugs. Stimulation of dopamine production prevents the feeling of emptiness, boredom, apathy, and depression.

  • stop using the drugs intravenously, the way that causes the most pronounced fluctuations of endorphins;
  • discontinue use of combination of several drugs, which causes mediator chaos;
  • N.E.T. is more comfortable and has better results when the dose of consumed substance is preliminary reduced to minimum.

As a rule, the attempts of drug reduction at home are futile. So we recommend you to pass this phase treatment at our medical facilities, where you will be professionally observed 24 hours.

Specially designed diet with high content of vitamins, amino acids and carbonates combined with moderate physical activity accelerates the process of recovery. Our knowledge and trained staff is a guaranty of success. We advise you to follow our program and to get the high quality N.E.T. therapy at our clinic.

The method of N.E.T. and equipment are certified for use in the EU. Beside our clinic, the method is used in some clinics in Switzerland, Scotland, Germany.

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