Quick homemade drug detox is a very serious matter and must be taken very seriously. If heavy drugs such as Heroin, Methadone, Morphine are involved and used for a long time, the person must be prepared for a hard time to go through the process of drug detoxification without medical assistance.

Drug Detoxification refers to the process of cleaning the body out of toxins accumulated due to drug use.

Drug detox can take many forms. It can encompass pharmacological programs, rapid opioid detoxification, neuro jet therapy, drug replacement therapy, homemade drug detoxification and etc. The main task of detoxification is to reduce to maximum the uncomfortable consequences of drug withdrawal – a complex of painful physical and psychological symptoms that follows cessation of addicting drug.

Theoretically, yes. It is possible. But from professional medical position we strongly advise you not to do that. It can be very dangerous and have detrimental consequences for your health, especially if you are addicted to such opioids as Heroin or Methdone. However, if there is no other way and you are really determined to get rid of drugs and pass drug detoxification at home you must do the following preparations.

There are many homemade drug detox recipes on internet. We give you ours.

The first thing that you have to do is to see your doctor and tell him that you intend to pass drug detox at home. Your physician will make an assessment on what kind of drug detox would be better for you and if you are suitable for home drug detox based on your age, physical state, mental condition and on your previous drug treatment experience. Homemade detox would be possible only for those drug users who don’t present any danger to yourself and people around.

Then you must make yourself comfortable for the period of the drug detox. Prepare everything that you will need during the detox, including: enough water/ food supply, warm clothing, over-the-counter painkillers, sedatives and other medications to counteract the problems that you will have as result of homemade drug detoxification.

Be very cautious! Homemade drug detox cannot be done alone. You must ask someone to assist you during detoxification and call for a medical help in case if something will go wrong.