Alkol sorunu tedavisi

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Where are you from?

England, Liverpool.

OK, and how did you find this clinic?


And what did you expect from coming here?

To hopefully help me stop drinking.

OK, and what was your problem?


Can you tell us something about your experience in this clinic?

My experience in this clinic has been tremendous really. Treatment every day, psychology, a couple of times since I’ve been here. And obviously, now I’ve got the implant in. And today they gave me a procedure where if you do drink alcohol, what will happen is not very nice. So that’s my experience in this clinic, it’s been brilliant.

And would you recommend this treatment to someone?

I would recommend it to anyone. Very good.

And what is your plan for the future?

Not to drink.

Not to drink and what else? Something else maybe?

No, I think alcohol was just affecting my life plus my business. So obviously when I was drinking, I wasn’t working properly. Wasn’t picking up my phone, I was always in the pub, I was missing business meetings, it was messing my life up. So basically, I needed to get clean from alcohol to carry on my business before I lose it.

So you are satisfied now?

Very satisfied. 


In our clinic for painless drug detoxification, we have patient from all over the world: Bedford, Brighton, London, Newcastle, Southampton, Leeds, UK, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow, Birmingham, Nottingham, and also from Germany, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Usa, Austria, ...