Xenon therapy against craving for drugs;  xenon gas therapy;  xenon treatment.

Nowadays a contemporary fraction in medicine has been intensly developed – insertion of inert gas xenon in therapies for numerous diseases. This fraction of medicine conducts research in leading world companies producing gases. Significant clinical and experimental material has been assembled and the results show that xenon is ideal anaesthetic and therapeutical means with large amount of pharmacological properties in treating diseases. Due to its properties xenon is today used in treating various kinds of stress, headaches, sleeping disorders, chronical exhaustion syndrome, depression, during rehabilitation and regeneration of organism after some illness.

Xenon Gas

Xenon is also applied with the aim of improving working capability, in regenerative therapy regarding drug addiction and alcoholism. Since it can exercise neuroprotection (protection of nerve cells), and positively affects adoption of central nervous system cells, xenon will in future be greatly applied in treating brain diseases.

It is not subject to biotransformation and during three to four minutes it xenon gas leaves organism through lungs. In contrast to other pharmaceutical substances used in medicine it is absolutely not toxic, it is indifferent in organism, it does not have side effects, it is not cancerogenous, does not causes alergies nor cardiodepressive effects, it does not effect morphological composition, blood coagulation and immune system, it does not change neuroendocrine status and it is ecologically clean and harmless.

Xenon therapy that we suggest, when compared to other methods, enables fast accomplishment of firm therapeutical effect in following fields:

  • treating pain and painful syndroms
  • antistress therapy
  • treating depression
  • sleeping disorders therapy
  • treating addiction (narcotics, alcohol)
  • rehabilitation and recovery of organism after illness
  • rehabilitation and recovery of organism after great mental and physical efforts
  • improving working capability