Painless detoxification at our clinic meets the highest international standarts of modern addiction medicine

Our reputable methods of drug detox, such as heroin detoxdetox from methadone, detox from subutex, and mental dependence treatment are checked by numerous international researches and used in many countries all over the world.

The international clinic Dr Vorobiev, has a great experience in treating different types of diseases of addiction. Our rehabilitation programs include:

• The quick and painless detoxification from all types of psychoactive substances (heroin, methadone, the Oxycontin, the supstitol, the Tramadol, Xanax, diazepam, cocaine, alcohol, mephedrone, crack, ecstasy)
• The treatment of psychological addiction from narcotics
• Therapy with ibogaine, NeuroJet therapy, Ultra Rapid Detoxification,Naltrexone treatment...

Completely pain free heroin detox

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International addiction treatment detox clinic “Dr Vorobiev”

 Addiction treatments in our clinic include:

  • Diagnostic procedures evaluating degree of addiction as well as consequences and personality disorders. We motivate patients to quit using narcotics and psychoactive substances. After thorough consultations with patient’s closest relatives, together we devise plan for fighting addiction.
  • Detoxification. It is very important to protect patient from withdrawal syndrome. We do that that quickly and painlessly (especially heroin detox ) always keeping in mind patient`s individual needs. There are five basic types of detoxification. In this stage of treatment, during first 24 hours patient is under constant monitoring performed by an intensive therapy specialist. Clinic is equipped according to ICU standards (system for monitoring vital functions, oxygen therapy and respirators, devices for automatic delivery of medications, laboratory). We understand the importance of detoxification and keep developing detox skills and methods of this process.
  • Treatment of mental addiction (craving for narcotics). Narcotics are cause of great disbalance in neurochemical mechanisms for emotion regulation. For that reason, after getting clean from substances (like heroin ), patients often experience insomnia, mood swings, depression, persistent uncontrolled thoughts and desire for drugs. We are sure now that psychological help in this case is not sufficient. For stabilization of neurotransmitter structures we use pharmacotherapy, NET therapy, and audio-visual stimulation. Ibogaine therapy is a powerful treatment that helps patient to understand his/her own mistakes and get back to normal life. Ibogaine helps in those cases when commune, methadone or psychologists prove inefficient.
  • Antagonisttherapy.This treatment effectively blocks the receptors, preventing the body from responding to opiates. Effects of narcotics are this way made impossible.  We suggest naltrexone and disulfiram implants. Once the implant is applied, narcotics are no longer part of patient`s life.
  • Support during the adaptation period. Recommendations concerning pharmacotherapy, plan of countermeasures against recidivism, and long-term contact with patient are our way to achieve best results.

In order to help patients to start a new life without narcotics we organized a team of 30 members of staff in the clinic and center for rehabilitation, both equipped with contemporary medical equipment and all the necessary medications. Patients stay in rooms with two beds, TV set and toilette. Billiards, table tennis, gym, massage and physiotherapy are also at their disposal. Food is prepared in our kitchen and patients can order their meals. Security staff is always there for the safety of both patients and the staff.  Transfer of the patients to the airport is also part of our service.


Our clinic is licensed and controlled by Ministry of Health of Serbia. Specialists from many countries work in our clinic. Clinic Dr. Vorobiev is member of several associations of medical tourism.


Why you should seek help from us in painless detoxification.

We use the latest techniques and  innovations for treatment of all kinds of addiction. Our methods of drug withdrawal are the result of scientific cooperation and exchange of experience with the world’s leading hospitals. Combination of different schemes of drug detoxification, continuously upgraded rehab techniques, availability of modern medical equipment  and highly effective  pharmacological therapy ensures the safe and comfortable treatment for all kinds of  addiction including addiction on such heavy drugs as Heroin, Methadone, Substitol, Kapanol, Kompensan and etc


Dr. Vorobiev Clinic is a well-known Russian hospital for alcoholism and drug addiction treatment. The clinic meets the highest European medical standards. The clinic operates in field of addiction medicine for more than fifteen years. During that time thousands of people from all over  the world successfully passed  the different types of treatment for all types of addiction, including stepped medical drug detox and ultra-rapid opioid detoxification, special anti drug craving therapy, ibogaine therapy, N.E.T. therapy (method of natural endorphin system recovery), therapy by anti-opiate blockers (Naltrexone treatment). The latest medical technologies and innovations combined with the modern hi-tech equipment are used at our clinic to make the process of drug detoxification from Methadone, Heroin, Subutex and other opiates highly effective, safe, fast and comfortable.  Drug addiction is a serious disease, the root of which is a psychological dependence on drugs. Dr. Vorobiev Clinic has a devoted team of highly skilled professionals consisting of psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, specialists for addiction treatment and psychotherapists armed with knowledge and years of experience to solve this hardest task. We liberate people from drugs, we give them freedom.  Treatment at our clinic is a safe and comfortable transition from a miserable life of drug addiction to a life of good health and sobriety.

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In our detoxification clinic, we have patient from all over the world: UK, Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Ontario, Orlando, Virginia, New York, London , Southampton , Sheffield , Leeds ,  Brighton, Nottingham , Bedford , Newcastle , Manchester, Birmingham , Liverpool, Glasgow , and also from Poland ,  Usa , Hungary ,  Germany, Greece , Bulgaria , Austria , Italy ...

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  • Heroin addiction starts with a debilitating, devastating  dependency on recreational drug use. From a chemical standpoint, the addiction can be explained by diminished ability of the user's brain to produce  sufficient amount of endogenous opiates due to the constant presence of opiates being artificially pumped into the body.