Reduction of stress, enhancement of mental capability and sleep normalization through auditory and light training

Human brain is the most complex organ according to its functions. Depending on how it works and how much it is developed, we can speak about person’s quality of life and his possibilites to reach a success in life. No matter what action you may be performing (whether it is loud reading, meditation or long distance running), that creates a certain frequency in brain. In the following table have been given existing frequencies that we reach daily depending on the action we are doing.

Name and frequency of wave Moment of initialisation in brain
Gama waves (od 40 Hz) Gama waves are the fastest waves and an indicator of active and conscious actions.
Beta waves (13-40 Hz) Beta waves enable person to be in regural waking state, to observe and become familiar with the world.
Alfa waves (7-13 Hz) Alfa waves are an indicator of brain activity in relaxed waking state and meditation. Lack of alfa waves in EEG track can be caused by stress and serve as an evidence of some disorder in brain functioning or indication of some disease.
Theta waves (4-7 Hz) Theta waves are an indicator of state of sleep, hypnotic trance, rapid eye movement and dreaming. During this stage various elements are being enhanced: memory (especially long termed memory), access to subconsciousness, possibility of free associations and creativity.
Delta waves (1-4 Hz) Delta waves dominate when we start falling asleep and continue to prevail during the state of deep sleep. Delta waves are present with healers and people conducting bioenergetics during their performance.

When a person solved existential problems beta waves are dominant. When a person is relaxed alfa waves prevail and they ensure connection between consciouness and subconsciousness. Alfa waves are in great amount present with geniuses and artists. With people practicing various methods of self-growth it takes approximately ten years for their brain to start producing ideal alfa waves. When these waves are dominant a person is calm, becomes more successful, feels warmth in extremities, anxiety abates, sleep and immune system functioning are improved.

Not everyone has conditions to practice methods of self-growth, because of lack of time, knowledge, tutor, etc. With help of auditory and visual oscillations a state of being relaxed can be reached as well. While we are in a forest, we “tune” ourselves in to frequencies formed by gurgling of a stream, rustling of wind, chirping of birds, sunlight, greenery and that calm us down.Classical and rock music have different effect on us, thanks to different frequencies. Bearing that in mind, a special device have been made which creates different frequencies by aid of auditory and visual stimulation.

With the help of this device you can accomplish in the shortest time possible:

    • reduction of stress, which leads to reduction of muscle tension and negetive emotions;
    • enhancement of mental and working capability;
    • sleep normalisation.

Application of this device trains the brain to produce frequency necessary for work. It becomes easier for a person to accomplish certain goal. We list some fields where light and auditory stimulation can be useful:

    • adapting to new conditions – thanks to deep relaxation. Increased energy and endurance of organism, the process of adaptation will in changeable psychophisical conditions be quicker and it will cause significantly less problems;
    • struggle against harmful habits – when the anxiety and inner stress are abated, alcohol, tobacco and narcotics become unnecessary;
    • accomplishing desired results in any kind of sport – resilience of organism, speed and coordination are enhanced;
    • removing insecurities and psychological blocks – cause of every insecurity lies in inner tension caused by stress. When a person frees themselves from stress, they are able to look at their problem with different eyes and get rid of insecurities;
    • development of intuition and extrasensory abilities – a difference between a regular and psychic person lies in ability to produce waves of different frequencies, developing of extrasensory abilities by using this device enables reaching best effects;
    • developing of communication skills – a person who has learned to overcome their stress and who is capable of remaining calm when in company of others will be able to express their opinion more efficiently;
    • development of artistic capabilities, reaching heights of artistic expression and developing brain efficiency without special effort;
    • improvement of meditation effects – a person is immersed deeper into state of mediation, focus is enhanced, inflow of thoughts is cut shorter and insomuch every technique is more quickly adopted;

This device is not a cure for all kinds of problems. Since it removes tension and trains brain, it can help one reach success in any kind of job.