Director of the clinic

Dr. Aleksej Elistratov

Director of the clinic, Dr. Aleksej Elistratov, is the driving force and heart of Dr Vorobjev team.

Specialist psychiatrist

Dr. Ekaterina Tyurina

She graduated from the State Medical Faculty, Samara, Russia. Specialization in psychiatry since 2005.

Head nurse

Inna Ignjatović

Many years of experience in clinical practice and a completed massage course. Inna’s hobbies are cooking and traveling.

Graduated special counselor

Mirjana Trifunović

Family psychotherapist (systemic family therapies within the Association of Systemic Therapists).

Psychiatric service doctor

Dr Blaženka Kuculović-Stijelja

Also a transactional analysis educant. Monitoring of patients after inpatient treatment.


Biljana Selaković

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade.

Graduated special counselor-master

Božana Končalović

Graduated special counselor-master, -family counselor with many years of experience.

Master clinical psychologist

Marija Milosavljević

Family therapy educant and family counselor with vast experience.

BSc in psychology

Milica Alil

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) educant.


Julija Novičić

Finished secondary medical school in Moscow and completed a massage course. Hobbies – theater, books, traveling.


Irina Hmelnickaja

Many years of experience. Interested in cooking, photography, traveling, and flowers.


Dragana Čudić

Worked at KBC Zemun as an anesthetist for 15 years. Hobbies – music, walking with two dogs, enjoying with family.

Translator for French and Italian

Olivera Zeljković

Professor of French and Italian language and literature, Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb.

Translator for German

Mirjana Lugić

BA in German, graduated from the Department of German Language, Culture and Literature in Belgrade.


Milica Jovanović

Works at the reception department of the clinic. Graduated from Business College of Applied Studies. Her hobbies are traveling and food.

Head of Security

Danilo Marjanović

Graduated from the International Security School, a security officer, and a professional bodyguard.

Security guard

Zoran Mladenović

Long-term work at the clinic, reliable and professional. His hobby is sports.

Security guard

Dragan Petrović

Dragan’s additional interests are sports, gym, boxing, and basketball.


Mihailo Mijatović

Communicative and always at service. Mihailo is a philanthropist and likes folklore and skating.

Security guard

Zoran Mladenović

Long-term work at the clinic, reliable and professional. His hobby is sports.


Zoran Cvetojević

His additional interests are shopping, cars, hospitality, and sweets.


Irina Raković

Communicative, always helpful, lovely people lover.