Why Dr Vorobiev’s painless detox?

Unique patented methods, unlike any other clinic

  • Experience – 23 years of experience in addiction treatment, more than 24.000 cured patients.
  • Knowledge – Our specialists regularly attend addiction treatment conferences around the world – our knowledge is constantly improved as well as our equipment.
  • Quality – 20 new patient testimonials each month testify to quality of our treatment. Patient recommendations are that patients write after their treatments are taken into account for improvement of our service.
  • Results – All the advantages listed above guarantee favourable outcome of the treatment if patient adheres to advices and instructions. Our success rate is more than 93%, which is among the highest in addiction treatment painless detox.
Why Dr Vorobiev’s painless detox?

How can detox program help you?

Detox and rehab clinic

  • Painless detox method – Patients are going through worst of withdrawal symptoms while in medical sleep. With constant monitoring of patient’s vital signs while under anaesthesia, our experienced medical staff is detoxing the patient’s body safely and without any pain. We can guarantee painless detoxification.
  • Unique procedures – With special infusions and procedures we can regenerate dopamine and endorphins in patient’s brain.
  • Psychological support – Addiction is treated from all angles. A psychologist is assigned to each patient and in combination with pharmacological blockade (injection, implant) makes relapse highly improbable.
Detox and rehab clinic Dr. Vorobjev
  • Outcome – Craving are subdued, patient does not feel desire towards addictive substances (narcotics, alcohol).

How can we help you in choosing a proper detox program?

Consultation and treatment process

  • Requesting a call from us – Please fill out the form and our consultants will call you back in short notice.
  • Arranging a treatment at the clinic – After consultations, when we inform you about our treatment in depth and find out more details we need about your condition, we will send you an e-mail confirmation about your medical procedures, treatment plan and estimated cost of the treatment.
  • Arriving at the clinic – Our drivers will welcome you at the airport upon arriving. All the help you need with organizing the flight, making flight connections if needed, as well providing information about airport itself, our team will assist you every step along the away. We will provide help for getting a visa if needed.
choosing a proper detox program
  • Your stay at the clinic and treatment – Our versatile medical team (addiction specialists, anaesthesiologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, internists, nurses) and our non-medical staff (drivers, security team, cleaning crew, receptionists, kitchen staff etc) will take complete care of you during your stay.
  • Discharge – When treatment and discharge protocols are completed our drivers will take you to the airport
  • Follow-up and anti-relapse support – When patient leaves our clinic, the outpatient stage of the treatment begins. We stay in touch during one year, with monthly check-ups which are used to control the current state of the patient and eventual therapy corrections.