Adictions are becoming more and more present in our lives, because there is an offer of different substances. Sometimes a person is taking alcohol to solve the problem with insomnia or taking pain medication, sometimes out of curiosity takes severe substances such as heroin, which strongly affects the body and changes many physiological processes. Over time, a person can not feel normal, sleep or eat without the substance.

Our body has a natural defense mechanism against external and internal poisons and toxins. An important role in this process is reserved for lymphatic system. Together with the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system provides the circulation of fluids in the body, primarily different types of biological fluids and substances in the tissue of the organism. Detoxification is usually carried out by infusions and that affects the vascular circulation. However, this process can lead to a significant improvement, not only on the cardiovascular system, but also on all body tissues.

Lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic system consists of nodes, capillaries and vessels. Over six liters of fluid per day passes through the lymph system. Impact on this system can greatly amplify the effects of detoxification and reduce the period of recovery.

Modern devices for lymphatic drainage can affect individually arms, legs or even the entire lower part of the body including both legs and waist. Work of device is synchronized with a computed processor that determines the degree of pressure and its location in the applicator. Typically, the first stage of the treatment is unblocking of the lymph nodes, the second stage is activation of the flow in the lymphatic system, so-called lymphatic drainage.

With the help of BTL device we effectively remove the symptom of “heavy, restless legs,” increase the effects of detoxification, the patient returns his strength and energy, there is a pleasant feeling in the body.

Ever since we started using lymphatic drainage, we significantly shortened the period of detoxification, and the treatment process for patients who stop using alcohol and narcotics became more comfortable.