Naltrexone is a type of pharmacological treatment for opiate dependence. It blocks opiate receptors and does not cause addiction, sedation or euphoria. That’s why the naltrexone treatment program is the best medical method in order to get rid of the addiction problems.

1. Naltrexone tablets (Nalorex, Revia, Antax) – Each tablet contains 50 mg of Naltrexone and acts during 24 hours. Patient must take it in the morning under the control of the family. Our advice to family members is to crush the tablet and dilute it in a glass of water or to mix it with honey or juice. In this way, the addict cannot spit it out.

2. Depot injection of Naltrexone (liquid implant Naltrexone-palmitate, Vivitrol) cts during 28 days and is administered intramuscularly.

Naltrexone implants of 2 and 3 months – Doctors implant them subcutaneously. Watch a video about implant procedure:

Naltrexone program

If the result of the test is negative, you can contact our hospital to schedule an appointment for the application of the implant.