Gambling is undoubtedly a disease. The main symptom is the constant participation in gambling games, which repeats over and over and gets worse regardless of the consequences (poverty, destruction of personal, professional and family life). Usually people start to gamble out of curiosity, as a social game, for pleasure, to escape from everyday problems etc. However, many do not understand that not only money, but also mental health may be at the stake. Bets get larger and larger and gamblers begin to fall into the so-called gambling trance. That’s why a gambling addiction program is necessary and obligatory medical procedure, in order to get rid of this disorder.

The first and most important phase of gambling addiction program (treatment). The essence of diagnosis is to assess the physical and mental condition of the patient. In order to assess the physical condition of the patient, the standard diagnosis examination includes:

  • urine test
  • tests for hepatitis B and C, as well as for HIV infection
  • general analysis of blood
  • biochemical blood test
  • ECG
  • examination by the internist doctor

In order to assess the mental state of the patient, a standard diagnosis examination includes psycho-diagnosis. Doctors use psychological tests to determine the level of dependence and to determin how much did the use of cannabis affect the mental health. These tests will show whether there are signs of mental disturbance or depression.  Also, these tests will determine the degree of motivation for rehabilitation, self-criticism and the conservation of voluntary mechanisms. After diagnostics, team of doctors examine the results. They do it in order to develop a treatment strategy and plan.

In the case that the diagnosis reveals serious deviations in the tests, doctors can organize additional tests or treatment for the accompanying diseases. Depending on the problem, doctors can rpescribe MRT, EEG, ultrasound, x-ray, endoscopy and analyses of the concentration of drugs and narcotics. There can also be an examinations by cardiologists, neurologists, endocrinologists, specialists in infectious diseases etc. The price of this treatment package does not include additional tests.

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