The most modern, most efficient German technology of applying oxygen, starting with proffesional athletes, moving on to addiction diseases and finally to fatal illnesses. OXYVEN THERAPY normalises functioning of brain, liver, lungs and kidneys, because oxygen enters the blood directly through intravenous application.

OXYVEN reduces neurological, psychosomatic, muscle and bone disorders (pain, spasms, nervousness, heavy breathing…) in the fastest way possible. OXYVEN administers natural detoxification and regeneration of organism.

Oxygen Therapy


  • Detoxification (brain, liver, lungs)
  • Normalisation of emotions
  • Reduction of pain, extremities falling asleep or getting cold as a result of nourishment of peripheral nerves and blood vessels
  • Improvement of short-termed memory
  • Reduction of loosing one’s breath – improvement of fitness
  • Recovery of peripheral nerves (polyneuropatia) as a cosequence of alcoholism and toxines in organism
  • Quickens wound healing
  • Improves IMMUNITE SYSTEM and resistance to diseases
  • Regenerates liver (alcohol, hepatitis)

When organism finds itself in a state when it cannot transfer sufficient amount of oxygen to vital organs,Oxyven therapy a deterioration and destruction of tissues occurs. OXYVEN is the newest and most simple way of direct intake of oxygen in organism and its transfer to every cell in a simple and easy way. OXYVEN – oxyvenation has a capacity to react with organic unsaturated elements, which leads to natural DETOXIFICATION of organism. Its antivirus, antibacterial and antifungal effects have been tested. Oxyvenation is used in treating malignities because cancer cells are senstitive to oxygen.


  • state after stroke
  • states when liver and kidneys have to be cleansed (toxicomania, alcoholism, poisoning…)
  • polyneuropathy
  • memory deficit
  • heart attack consequences
  • alergies
  • angina pectoris
  • diabetes mellitus…
Oxygen therapy

Insufficient amount of OXYGEN is detrimental to white blood cells (leukocytes) which eliminate bacteria, viruses, tumour cells, toxines…

Intake of narcotics and certain substances leads to a series of disorders, immunological, destruction of brain tissue and connections – synapses, as well as metabolical.

In order to protect your body and completely regenerate it, you recquire time and treatment, and the healthiest and most natural way is O2-oxygen.