Drug Detoxification program is one of the most important phases of the treatment. Use of narcotics or alcohol causes disorder of many body processes, such as: disturbance of appetite, sleep, metabolism, hormonal status, low immune system, thrombus formation, blood clots, tooth decay, skin changes, hair loss, stopped women`s periods, toxic damage of liver, pancreas, kidneys, central and peripheral nervous system, an infections and inflammatory processes.

The psychological addiction is „seesaw“: when an addict takes narcotics for some time he feels comfortable. However, as soon as the effect of narcotics begins to weaken, he feels nervousness, irritability, aggression. Ultimately every addict finds himself in a situation when he doesn’t feel good. Even when he takes a large dose of narcotics, because narcotics just delay withdrawal.

This condition, when an addict is sick and tired of all the narcotics and his organism is practical destroyed. Often forces him to stop using the substance. If an addict is deprived of narcotics his organism is under a big stress (it is so-called withdrawal syndrome). Each drug has its own list of symptoms. For example the symptoms of heroin withdrawal are: nasal congestion and sneezing, feeling „hot and cold“, chills, pain in the joints, bones, spine, muscle tension, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, inability to sleep, to lie in a comfortable position, dilated pupils, frequent breathing, sweating.

Withdrawal syndrome is associated with disruption of many physiological processes. And may lead to a critical situation with disorders of vital functions. Attempts to relieve withdrawal symptoms with the medicines that addict is taking without doctor`s knowledge can cause epileptic attacks, pharmacological psychosis, toxic liver damage, respiratory and cardiovascular injury and death. If the addict is trying to stop taking narcotics because of his friend`s or internet advice or he is using medicines which are purchased on the black market, without an adequate medical assistance, he exposes himself to a great risk. Home detoxification is almost always ending with relapse during the first two months.

In our clinic we are constantly improving methods of detoxification. Currently there are five types of detoxification. Selection of a particular method depends on the results of diagnostics, individual characteristics of a patient, the risk factors and the patient`s wishes.

Selection of a particular method depends on the results of diagnostics, individual characteristics of a patient, the risk factors and the patient`s wishes. The detoxification is carried out so that:

  • the patient does not feel unpleasant symptoms, he is protected from pain
  • the mental processes and sleep are normalized, anxiety is eliminated
  • the metabolism is recovering, during detoxification patient receives infusions with vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, immune stimulation
  • there is a positive influence on the liver, brain and other organs that have been damaged due to the use of narcotics
  • the patient can receive all the necessary medical help at any time

The use of pharmacotherapy and modern medical devices recovers neural structures which are responsible for production of natural endorphins. Methods for reducing tolerance and resistance to medicines allow us to painlessly release the patient from withdrawal in a very short period of time.

Drug detoxification program doesn’t cure drug addiction. It is only the first step in a long way of addiction treatment process.

The main purpose of any type of drug detox is a safe. Comfortable elimination the drugs from the body and preparing the individual for the further rehabilitation. Detox itself isn’t designed to solve psychological, social and behavioral aspects of addiction. Unless all these components of addiction are also treated, relapse is very possible.

Drug detoxification methods may differ from each other and could include the number of intervention strategies, but the aim of all methods is the same – to cleanse the body out of addictive substances.

At our clinic we use several detox techniques, we can offer different drug detoxification program:

Any kind of medically assisted detoxification must be conducted by professionals in a medically supervised facility, where the right medication can be administered on the right time to manage potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Such serious medical issues as high blood pressure, respiratory dysfunctions, severe diarrhea, vomiting, seizure, hallucinations, paranoia could arise during the detoxification process that require medical attention. It might be very dangerous for the drug users to attempt detox on their own.

Every detox program must begin with assessment of the patient to see what kind of drug is present in a body, on what level and if there other physical or psychological issues to be addressed.

Our clinic offers the patients safe and effective methods of drug detoxification. In secure medically controlled facility where their physical and psychological discomfort is managed to best.

Once detox is complete, we urge our patients to enroll in mental dependence treatment to help them achieve and maintain sustained sobriety. Regardless of the particular method used, medically assisted detoxification is a massive contribution to the recovery process because it minimizes the pain and discomfort of withdrawal, and thus reduces possibility for relapse.

Medical detoxification has long been considered something that is very useful when it comes to getting off particular drugs. If you are in the position where you feel you cannot handle your drug addiction, and it is taking over your life. The detoxification programs will help you to make the first step to quit the addiction.

The benefits of professional medical detoxification at our clinic are:

1. Complete Drug Isolation.  During the process of detoxification the patient isstrictly isolated from drug environment.

2. Correct Diagnostics. When a person enters medical detoxification he is evaluated for factors which determine what his exact problems are. Once they have figured out and the drugs of use are determined. The patient starts with the first and indispensable part of drug addiction treatment – drug detoxification.

3. High Rated Effectiveness and Efficiency. Our medical detox programs provide a patient with different groups of medications and methods of detoxification which help him to be cleaned off the drugs in most painless and fastest way.

4. Safety. The detoxification programs both physically and mentally are not easy to come by and need to be constantly monitored by doctors.

Never underestimate the power of medical detox. You will notice immediately that you have put yourself in a situation where you can finally take back control of your life. Medical detox can help you be everything you have always wanted to be.

In our clinic for drug detoxification, we have patient from all over the world: UK, Bedford, Glasgow, Toronto, Birmingham, Brighton, London, Newcastle, Los Angeles, Southampton, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Las Vegas, Nottingham, and also from Germany, Canada, Atlanta, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, USA, Austria…