November 23, 2020

There are many signs of internet addiction which are pointing out that someone has a problem. Every addictive behavior is not good and it has numerous negative effects on the body as well as mind. Also, there are many different forms of internet addiction, and none of them is good for an individual.

People are not seeing this addiction as something dangerous because it is not including taking some substances, but that is a huge mistake. Internet addiction may lead to some serious psychological issues and he has to find a clinic that can treat his problem. An addict has to seek help and the best thing he can do is to contact a doctor.

What is internet addiction?

In the modern world, the internet, smartphones as well as computers are very important in everyone’s life. However, we still know relatively little about the effects of internet addiction. No one pays attention to how it affects our psychological functioning, mental health, and general well-being.

Almost 80 percent of the population is daily connected to the internet. They are online because of their jobs or pleasure. If we neglect the reason, we are almost all the time on the internet searching for pieces of information. Some people spend so much of their time using the internet that it has begun to interfere with their daily lives. When an addiction starts to take precedence over the most important aspects of one’s life, it can become classified as an addiction.

There are five types of internet abuse:

  • Cybersex addiction – Obsession with online pornography, websites, adult chat rooms.
  • Internet – Constant interactive activities such as online gambling, trading stocks, online auctions as well as compulsive online shopping.
  • Online relationship – Finding and maintaining relationships online, and forgetting real-life family and friends.
  • Constant information searching – When someone wants to know everything and immediately.
  • Gaming addiction – Daily playing online and offline games.

Signs of internet addiction – Symptoms

Signs of internet addiction are numerous, and there are physical, behavioral, mental and social symptoms of this disorder.

Signs of internet addiction

Like any other addiction such as gambling or heroin consumption, spending many hours on the internet can produce a rush of dopamine. That is the brain chemical associated with pleasure. This creates an experience that is similar to taking drugs. After some time, a person is building up a tolerance, and he has to spend more time online so he could feel the same effect.

Physical symptoms of internet addiction include feeling fatigue and trouble sleeping. A person is experiencing aches as well as pains from lack of movement. Internet addicts are having digestive problems as well as changes in physical appearance. They are no longer paying attention to grooming or hygiene and they are usually gaining weigh.

Mental signs of internet addiction are including bad concentration capabilities and troubles with distinguishing reality from fantasy. Also, their memory is very bad.

Do not forget about social symptoms because if you know a person well, this is the fastest way to spot the problem. Addicts are manifesting:

  • Irritable mood
  • Social isolation
  • Problems on their job
  • Strained relationships
  • Learning problems

Behavioral symptoms are very common and addicts will always lie about their internet use. They will also spend many hours online and try to conceal the internet use. Also, if they can not use the internet, they will be angry and mad.

What causes this problem?

Many different things can cause this addiction. The biggest problem is that if someone suffers from this addictive disorder, his brain is becoming the same as someone who is having some chemical dependency.

Signs of internet addiction

A person is becoming an addict because an addiction is triggering multiple layers of rewards. If someone feels depressed or is in a bad mood, this will make him feel better. After some time, he will develop an addiction. Also, if someone is suffering from anxiety, he will probably develop this problem.

It is important to know that everyone may be a victim of this disorder. Also, it is of great importance to spot sings of internet addiction as soon as possible.

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