April 7, 2020

Every addict has asked himself sometimes: How should I even start a therapy? How could someone help me? Am I hopeless?

Well, here are the answers! There is a lot of people who are able to help you. You should just ask for help. Sometimes not even that. And, you know what? You are most certainly not hopeless. No one is. If you want to start therapy and go to rehab, here is what you should do.

How to start a therapy – first step

First of all, you have to make a decision and be sure that you want to be cured. Think about yourself. Think about your life and what have you done so far. Do you have some accomplishments? Why is it like that? Do you want to change it? What is the real reason for drug use? It would be great if you know all the answers, but even if you do not, it is not a big deal. You will acknowledge it eventually.


The moment when you are about to go to rehab, that is the moment when you really want to stop using drugs. Also, you have to accept that you need help from experts. You can not go through detox by yourself. That can be very difficult, mentally and physically.

Many people who are starting rehab for the first time may not know what to expect. It is entirely normal to feel stressed about this process. But in the end, you will feel just like a new person.

How to start a therapy – second step

It would be good to let other people know what are you about to do. They will be happy with your decision and supportive. Take care of work and family.


Your friends love you and they want the healthiest and happiest version of you. They want you to feel better as soon as possible. If having pets, ask someone to take care of them during your rehab time. It will be good to know that things at home are in order and as they are supposed to be.

Also, it will be good to tie up financial problems. If you have bills that need to be paid while you are at rehab, ask to someone about making sure your bills get paid.

At the clinic, you do not need a lot of stuff. Sure, you can bring whatever you want, but it would be great if you have only the essentials. By sticking to the essentials, you will minimize any distractions that can compromise your sobriety.


Remember: This is an opportunity to save your life!

You are at the clinic – now what?

Very experienced experts and a team of doctors are prepared to take care of their patients. They are implementing new methods of healing.

The first treatment is detox. After examination and affirming the condition of the organism, doctors will start with therapy. The exact therapy depends on the addiction type. After diagnosis, the method of detoxification will be chosen. The detox is a necessary process in order to clean a body from drugs.

The complex method includes UROD (ultra-rapid opioid detoxification from opiates). Also, Neurojet (N.E.T) therapy, pharmacotherapy and special infusions of vitamins.

There are always included psychiatric treatment, individually or with a group. It is of great importance to share thoughts and feelings with other people. Of course, family members and friends should be present at those treatments too.


The leading clinic for healing an addiction

Dr. Vorobiev clinic is the best medical clinic for healing addiction. Many experts and doctors with great experience are more than prepared to help in any way.

We are located in Zemun, a beautiful area in Belgrade, near the Danube river. You are more than welcome to contact us by e-mail or telephone.