Heroin and methadone addict success stories with english translation.

Daniela: Hello, what’s your name?

Mikela: My name is Mikela.

Daniela: Mikela, how old are you?

Mikela: I’m 26 and I come from Italy.

Daniela: Alright, what was your problem?

Mikela: I had problems with methadone and heroin.

Daniela: What dose of methadone and what dose of heroin did you take?

Mikela: 40 ml of concentrated methadone and 2.5 grams of heroin.

Daniela: How long have you been using these drugs?

Mikela: 7 years.

Daniela: 7 years both methadone and heroine?

Mikela: Yes, both.

Daniela: Did you try to get treated at some other clinic before coming to us?

Mikela: Yes, and I recidivated.

Daniela: After how long did you recidivate?

Mikela: After 2 months

Daniela: What did they do to you here, how did the treatment go?

Mikela: I had NeuroJet therapy and Ultra Rapid detoxification.

Daniela: Ok, how did the treatment go, was it comfortable or you felt pain?

Mikela: It went well, but of course, methadone is a heavy substance and there are some days when you feel bad.

Daniela: I understand… How long did the treatment last?

Mikela: 16 days.

Daniela: And now, how do you feel after 16 days, regarding that you travel to Italy tonight?

Mikela: I’m a bit excited because I go to Italy, but I feel fine.

Daniela: You don’t have symptoms? Don’t feel pain?

Mikela: No… a little bit…

Daniela: Ok, and what are your plans for the future now, what are you going to do when you get home?

Mikela: I would like to find a job, start a family, a new life…

Daniela: How did you find this clinic? Did you find it on the internet or your mum did?

Mikela: From SERT in Ancona, I wanted to detoxicate and they told me there’s this UROD method… I searched at that clinic and found Dr Vorobjev clinic, phoned them and we made an arangement.

Daniela: I understand, and what’s your opinion now, in the end, about this clinic, about the treatment… What was the staff like, how did the treatment go… What’s your oppinion about everything you experienced here?

Mikela: It was fine.

Daniela: And what are your plans now, what are you going to do when you get home?

Mikela: I’m going to change everything, furniture, everything!

Daniela: Would you advise other people who have the same problem as you had to come to this clinic to detoxicate?

Mikela: Yes.

Daniela: Ok, thank you.

In our clinic for methadone detox , we have patient from all over the world: Leeds, Bedford, Glasgow , UK, Liverpool, London, Newcastle, Sheffield, Nottingham, Southampton, Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham, and also from Usa, Poland, Germany, Austria , Italy, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria…