Nowadays Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification (UROD) is considered as amodern and highly effective method of drug detoxification. UROD is getting popularall over the world mostly because of the high rate of relapse problems associated with more traditional methods of drug detoxification. Any addict with apparent opiate addiction can testify that going through cold turkey can be both painful and dangerous process.The intensity of withdrawal syndrome is much worse, when the opiates are abruptly removed from the body withoutany medical protection. On the other hand, the tapering off withdrawal programs, which usually involve such pharmacological agents as methadone or buprenorphine, softenthe severity of withdrawal symptoms. But opioid replacement detoxification programs have two significant disadvantages.

  • Firstly, they increase the length of detoxification, which often makes the whole process of recoverylong and exhausting.
  • Secondly, they involve the use of opiates.

Both of these two factors: tiredness from prolonged detoxification and temptation of using thesubstitution drug to continue with addiction contribute to high rate of relapse. Ultra rapid opiate detoxification differs both from cold turkey and opioid replacement detoxification. UROD combines thebest of twoopposite approaches: the quickness of cold turkey with the relative painlessness of gradual detoxification. Ultra rapid opioid detox is intended to accelerate the cleaning process and the same time to suppress the intensity of withdrawal symptoms to minimize discomfort and decrease treatment time.

The idea of UROD is fairly simple. A patient is put under general anesthesia and given an opiate antagonist, typically naltrexone or naloxone, to liberate the opioid receptors from opiates. Naltrexone isa full opioid antagonist used in abstinence maintenance therapy. Naltrexone effectively blocks the effects of heroin and other opioids through competitive receptor inhibition. Naltrexone has no opioid agonist effects so it can’t be abused.

Ultra rapid opioid detoxification means that most of withdrawal symptoms occur while the patient is under anesthesia and, therefore, doesn’t feel any pain or discomfort, and at the of procedure, when the patient awakens, the physical withdrawal from opiates mainly gone.

Ultra rapid opiate detoxification

The expressed painlessness of Ultra Rapid opiate detoxification has strong appeal for many. People in a state of opiate withdrawal, being left without medical help, experience diffuse body pain and insomnia. They suffer from nausea, diarrhea, runny nose, watery eyes, profuse sweating, twitching muscles, goose bumps and other unpleasant symptoms. Their body temperature, respiratory rate, and blood pressure become elevated, making the process of detoxification unbearable.

To solve the problem rapid opiate detox offers the patients to undergo through the worst of the withdrawal symptoms while unconscious. And even if at the moment of wake up the remains of withdrawal symptoms may still present, their intensity is greatly reduced and they are easily manage able by traditional non-opiate painkillers. Many drug addicts who might be deterred from quitting, because they are afraid of withdrawal are more likely to cease their addiction if they can do that without pain. After all, many people refuse dental care, because they are afraid of pain.

Even if many psychologically healthy people try to find any excuse to avoid medical help simply because they are afraid of a needle, then it is not surprising that people, who are depended on opioids and afraid of withdrawal pain, are very reluctant to agree to go through the long and painful process of traditional drug detoxification. Besides, Ultra rapid opiate detox is the best option for the patients depended on long-lasting opioids such as Methadone, Morphine sulfate, Oxycontin, Substitol. The physical withdrawal from them lasts no less than 3-4 weeks and only Ultra rapid opiate detoxification is the real chance to liberate the body from physical dependence in most quickest and painless way.

Ultra rapid detox does have several significant benefits to its credit. Many people addicted to opioids are attracted to UROD because it has the apparent high success rate, because it is painless, fast and presents a real chance for individuals to escape the severe consequences of drug addiction.