Hi from England, experience on drugs. I was on drugs for 10 years, heroin, crack cocaine, never ever really thought much about rehab, it wasn’t approached to me to get help, you know, didn’t know how to look for help.

10 years on I decided enough was enough. I managed to get the money together to get to rehab, from a friend from England. Yeah, I was really scared before I came, never been to a rehab before. When I came here, still frightened, first few days, not so good, just confusing, didn’t know what to expect. The whole time I’ve been here, with the medication and staff, nurses, doctors, everything, anything that I needed. They have been there straight away, they’ve been absolutely excellent and I definitely, definitely recommend to come back here, if I had to. This rehab is nothing like what I thought it was gonna be like. I’m leaving today and I’m so happy, I’m on top of the world, this is the best I’ve ever felt in a long time. I feel like me.

How did you find out about the clinic?

I found it through a friend on the internet, he researched and he said, yeah, Belgrade, and researched and said it was a good clinic, you know, and affordable. And it was the best comments , you know, so…

So that helped you decide on choosing the clinic?

Yeah, definitely, yeah. And plus, it was better for me to be out of England, to be here, than to be in England. I don’t think I really wanted to go to rehab in England. I think a recovery as a whole new start is a better idea.

What did you like here?

What did I like? I loved to socialize and I thought it was gonna be full of really bad druggies, but it was nothing like that at all. It was full of good people, just with problems and you could say that everyday I’m getting better and worse, and everyone is having a same different experiences so that we can all talk. It was really, really good, everything was reassured when you’re around your group of users. Not really everything is much about drugs, only if we talked about it and had a laugh about it. But not to think we wanna take drugs, that never even came in my head. I thought it would, but it didn’t.

Unfortunately, you were unable to get ultra rapid detox procedures, so you had a regular detox. How was it for you?

Yeah, I was really scared, because I thought I was getting a rapid detox, I thought it was just gonna knock me out, I go into sleep for 3 days, I wake up and I won’t have shivers. But I found the subutex thing ridiculously easy, so easy. Because I had all the other medications to help me with camps, my mood, sleep, everything. If I had done subutex at home, it would not have happened at all. Coming here was the right thing, the right choice to do. And the medication is spot on, it’s the best.

What are your plans for the future?

Just to focus on me. Just be me. Not think about other things that I need to do, stop feeling guilty and to focus on my life. Don’t have much left, but yeah, focus on me. I’m happy.

Thank you.

Thank you.