November 23, 2020

Gambling withdrawal is a process that has to be treated in clinical conditions. This addiction is serious and hard even if it does not include opiates consumption.

Gambling is an addiction like any other. It alters brain functioning and jeopardies mental health. In the same way as drug addicts, gambling becomes the most important activity in their life. It takes priority and everything else is less important. Gambling is causing an adrenaline rush, and in a combination with the money issues, this is becoming an addiction that is very complicated and hard to heal. Psychological addiction is much worse than the physical one, and that is why the process of healing is difficult. It has to be done under constant medical care and doctor’s watch.

Signs of an addiction

Gambling is developing slowly. At first, it is a fun game and, in some cases, brings money. Beginner’s luck does not last long and after a short time, a gambler starts to lose money. He always thinks that losing circle will change quickly, and continues to invest the money in the games of luck. Of course, the house always wins, and that is when a gambler starts to lose his mind.

The first stage in gambling addiction is a loss of control. An ordinary man plays games of luck and knows how to stop. If he loses money, he does not think that it is a very bad thing – that is only a game for him. A gambler is different because all he wants is to feel successful. He stays in the game until he loses all his money.

Gambling withdrawal

At that point, gambling is developing a psychological addiction. The adrenaline rush that happens in the gambler’s organism is the same as alcohol or drug addict. Gambling is becoming a priority and everything else is not important. An addict is spending less and less time with his family and starts to lie. Daily spending money in a large amount becomes devastating for the family.

When a gambler is not at the casino, he is feeling bad, nervous and has a mood change. That is the first sign of crisis. If he does not have enough money to play games of luck, he starts to sell valuable things or turns to a criminal. Also, he is under constant stress.

The best methods for gambling withdrawal

Gambling addiction rarely comes alone. Alcohol is always a part of gambling, and many gamblers also have this problem too. Alcohol is not the main factor of satisfaction, like gambling, but it is always present.

Gambling addiction has to be treated in clinical conditions. The patient is never alone while going through the tailor-made process of healing. Right after deciding to come into the clinic, a patient is going through diagnostics. Doctors are examining a patient and trying to understand his condition in the right way. After analyzing his condition, medical experts are starting with the therapy.

At the beginning of the treatment, medical experts are using pharmacotherapy in order to stabilize the patient’s mental health. These medications are helping to establish balance and to eliminate nervousness.

At the next phase of the healing, a patient is going through treatment with medical devices. Neuro-Jet and Transair therapy are normalizing brain functions. Also, they are correcting behavioral disorders and the secretion of endorphins.

Gambling withdrawal

When the patient is no more feeling crisis, then doctors are recommending psychotherapy. This therapy may be individual or in a group. Also, sometimes family members come to counseling. That is the best way, for an addict, to see the real root of his problem and to solve it.

The best clinic for gambling withdrawal

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