Alcohol addiction stories with english translation.

Hi, I am a patient at Dr Vorobiev clinic and I am here because of alcohol and gambling. I want to tell you the story of my life, loud and clear, and also to recommend this clinic to you. I had a problem with alcohol, I was drinking. Of course, the way it goes, with alcohol came the gambling, cocaine and marijuana. I thought I would never escape that vicious circle, because I was doing everything repeatedly again and again.

They can really help you

However, my dear people, it is not so. As I said, you should see this. They helped me a lot here, anyway, they are really nice people. They helped me with their methods, it cannot be described, but it also shouldn’t be feared. They take care of you, you get medications, they slowly prepare you for the normal life. I say it again, keep your chins up, if it’s really hard for you, come by or take a look on the internet about this. It’s there to help you overcome your problems and can only make you better. They can really help you. I finally have a neat life again.

Now I again have neat life, family, job, everything.

When going through all that I mentioned, addiction and all, a man can think he is on a right path, however, it’s not so. Now, I suddenly once more have a happy marriage, family that is always by my side, and that’s one of the most important things, of course. You will see for yourself that, when the joy of life is back, you leave everything behind and everything changes for the better. Now I again have neat life, family, job, everything. It can’t get any better. And once again for the end, give Dr Vorobiev clinic a try, see what’s it all about. It’s really worth it.

In our clinic for alcohol and gambling addiction , we have patient from all over the world: UK, Liverpool, London, Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham, Newcastle, Southampton, Glasgow, Manchester, Brighton, Bedford, Birmingham, and also from Poland, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, USA, Austria…