After the inpatient treatment where patient becomes stabile in physical and psychological way it is very important to maintain this situation (rehabilitate withdrawal syndrome, regulate biorhythm, appetite, give certain guidelines for a new life style).

Recovery after hospital treatment is necessary for the further strengthening of personality and to create a healthy lifestyle. It is a key component in living a successful life of recovery and sobriety – a transitional period between completing rehab and re-entering life. It is necessary to arrange special conditions that could be helpful in recovery process.

Rehabilitation Program Belgrade

The patient should have a person who would be with him all the time and they can do all activities together.

Supportive environment also includes the monitoring and control of the patient so as not to re-connect with the old society or substances. The environment in which the patient is after hospital treatment should not be judgmental and rejecting.

We noticed through long standing work with addicts that going to the primary environment after hospital treatment can be a very big trigger for relapse. Isolation from primal environment gives better opportunities for patient to develop and to cure. It is very hard for patients who don’t have constructive structure of the life which means they do not have a job, work habits, sports habits, and they are surrounded by drug dealers, old risk society, do not have a stabile family relationships.

For these reasons, we believe that it is necessary to continue treatment for the next phase of the treatment phase of rehabilitation.

After clinical treatment patient goes to the rented apartment that he choose with security staff. Patient will be with a person from security 24h. In cooperation with security, patient plan daily activities such as gym, swimming, billiard, walks, as well as preparing meals and spending time together. The role of security staff is to be a constant support throughout rehabilitation period by taking care of medication spending a quality time with patient, going to different activities with them, suppression of the risky situations and persons, and building a friendly relationship with patient as a base for re-involving in social life.

Patient will come weekly to Dr Vorobiev’s VIP Addiction Treatment & Rehab Clinic for psychotherapy and a medical examination.

The Basic Points of Aftercare Program

We use psychotherapy to reinforce a patient’s personality, to learn a patient how to live a life without drugs, how to feel pleasure without drugs, we are working together with patient on building a responsibility and developing strong self-confidence. During medical exams, doctors are monitoring pharmacotherapy effect and patient’s feedback on therapy and according to their assessment on psycho-social condition therapy can be corrected.

Prevention of relapse – increase awareness of the risks from the environment with company of security staff. Avoid the old society and the people who consume alcohol and drugs. Avoid places that are in any way connected with psychoactive substances. Have a responsibility to their illness – not to take anything psychoactive alcohol, marijuana, avoid energy drinks, produced from poppies. Recognize the triggers and respond to them alternatives. Change phone numbers, avoide social networks.

Medical support – controlling using psychoactive substances by testing, medical examination, medical therapy follow up in order to increase or reduce medicament doses, providing medical advises, prolongation of blockade.

What Rehabilitation Involves

Psychological support – monitoring the psychological, emotional state, motivation of clients, psychotherapy, learning how to deal with underlying problems and practice living without drugs and alcohol. Our therapist work with different psychological approaches that are client orientated. Our therapists are specialized in following psychotherapy models: Gestalt therapy, Transactional analysis and System Family Therapy.

The clear organization of time which means the exact time getting up and lying down to sleep so the night sleeping rhythm return to a healthy level (sleeping in 23h, rising later than 9 am and also exactly arranged meals during the day). Goal is to change old habits and also to create new way of daily functioning which is healthy. This also can increase feeling of responsibility.

Livinig room Program Rehabilitation

The introduction of neglected / new activities like sports activities, hobby, walking, yoga… all of this should create feeling of pleasure, which is not connected with PAS and also helps to keep psycho-physical condition in a good shape. Visiting cultural and entertainment activities.

Directing towards professional building and support for building work habits — building professional skills.

Family psychotherapy — working with family, changing old habits and non functional behavior.

After that begins higher goals such are daily training, improvement in communication, returning to hobbies, going toward the highest goals like professional orientation, improving relationship with family, organization of time after going back from rehabilitation. The goal of the whole process is to help a person to maintain a control over emotions, energy, thoughts… and most important is to have a control over drugs. That process of reinforcement lasts from several months to one year. The aims of Rehabilitation Program are learning and practicing new social skills, re-socialization, getting back to normal life style which, beside abstinence, involves improvement of relationship with Self, family and others. It is necessary for patient to learn how to control emotions, energy and mood in order to go back in primal environment and live a healthy, productive and quality life.

I Technical organization

Technical organization implies finding and renting an appropriate apartment. That processes starts at the end of the hospital treatment with help of clinic and security staff. It is a patient responsibility to settle all rental obligations monthly. Technical organization also implies choosing members of security team. There will be always one person from that team with the patient. All this arrangements (with security service and apartment rental agency) are separate from clinic meaning that you will set up payments and other conditions directly with management of those services. Our clinic can provide you some recommendations of security services based on our experience and cooperation with them.

How Is Rehabilitation Treatment Organized

Il Medical and psychological organization

This part contains weekly medical and psychological support, medications and blockade of psychoactive substances, as is previously described.

I felt great in Belgrade. I went swimming and in the gym every day. I got my old weight back… my family is very happy with my personality after the rehabilitation. Alexys

Detox, heroin and methadone Clinic Patient

It felt easier and better with every month that passed. In the beginning I was weak, but the security guys helped me to endure and to be stronger. I got back home to my wife and kids as a better man. This is the award for all the pain, the self-restrain and above all for persistence and perseverance.

Rehabilitation helped me to think about what I want, what I need, and what’s most important to be able to see that i can! I can live without drugs and alcohol, i can smile again, i can enjoy little things in life, to take a walk to train, to live a normal life! Louty

I’ve always wanted to live normal, like this! Get up at 9 0 clock, make breakfast, train, talk to normal people…l’ve become a person I always wanted to be. I had much fun with security girls. Thank you! Valentina