I was addicted to alcohol

Today I am alcohol free thanks to this clinic and I would recommend everyone to please… You can just Google it, you can search on the internet. It’s in Serbia and it’s the best clinic. And if you wanna change your life, alcohol free, please do so what I did. Just go on the Google, search Serbia.

Alcohol drinking problem treatment

My experience in this clinic has been tremendous really. Treatment every day, psychology, a couple of times since I’ve been here. And obviously, now I’ve got the implant in. And today they gave me a procedure where if you do drink alcohol, what will happen is not very nice. So that’s my experience…

Alcohol addiction treatment patient from Germany

I’ve come to this dr Vorobiev clinic because I needed help. In the past I drink a lot, I drink too much and when I found out that I drink even at work I figure out that I had to look for professional help.


Alcohol and gambling addiction treatment recovery stories

Hi, I am a patient at Dr Vorobiev clinic and I am here because of alcohol and gambling. I want to tell you the story of my life, loud and clear, and also to recommend this clinic to you. I had a problem with alcohol, I was drinking. Of course, the way it goes, with alcohol came the gambling…