November 23, 2020

Heroin withdrawal methods have been much improved since the medical revolution. Heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world because it causes a very strong addiction. It has an euphoric effect and many people are using it recreationally or daily.

Heroin addiction may be extremely strong and the therapy often includes behavioral therapy and medications. A clinical condition and healing are necessary because a person can not go through all that by himself. This drug is causing many negative side-effects, but also hard diseases and in some cases – death. An addict needs constant care while he is on a recovery.

Effects of heroin usage

Heroin is an opioid that causes a very strong addiction. Addicts are usually injecting this drug into a vein, but, also, sometimes they are smoking, snorting, or inhaling it. The effects of heroin usage are rapid and they are lasting for a few hours.

When addicts take heroin, at first they are feeling rush and euphoria. This drug is producing more euphoria than other opioids. After the rush, the addicts are feeling sleepy and nausea. Sometimes they are, also, feeling itchy. Their mental functions are clouded, and their heart function is slowing. The breathing is, also, slowing, in some cases life-threatening. This condition may lead to death or permanent brain damage.

Heroin withdrawal methods

If someone is taking heroin often, his complete physiology and physical structure are changing. This drug is creating long-term imbalances in neuronal and hormonal systems and an addict will damage them permanently. They will have trouble in decision-making abilities, and they will not behave normally. They will never be capable to respond in stressful situations. This drug is, also, causing tolerance and strong physical dependence. The best “feeling” an addict is having when he takes heroin for the first time. Every other time, he will try to achieve that feeling, but that is impossible. He will take a higher dose, but he will not have the same feeling again. That is when an overdose is possible.

Heroin withdrawal methods have to be completely adjusted to an addict and his needs.

Heroin withdrawal methods

When a patient comes to a clinic, at first he will have to go through a process of diagnosing. Doctors are doing urine and blood test so they would find out everything about physical and psychological condition of the patient. Doctors are, also, doing tests for hepatitis B, C and HIV infection, ECG and an internist examination. Also, an addict has to speak with a psychologist.

When they find out everything about a patient’s condition, they will make a tailor-made plan of healing. The process of detoxification is a process when doctors intend to clean a patient’s organism from all the toxins in the body. The addict will be under general anesthesia, and during sleep, his body will receive the vitamins and minerals that the body craves for.

Ultra-rapid detoxification (UROD), Neuro-jet therapy (N.E.T.), pharmacotherapy and transair therapy are revolutionary and the best detoxification treatments in the world. In our clinic, we are providing these therapies in order to healing make as easy as possible for our patients.

Heroin withdrawal methods

After the detoxification – we are providing a treatment of psychological addiction. These therapies may be individual or in a group. In some cases, the doctor is recommending ibogaine, a medicine that is the best solution in healing a strong psychological addiction. Physiotherapy is very good for relaxation and calming an organism. Pharmacological blockade is, in like manner, a good option for preventing drug abuse.

Heroin withdrawal methods – Who can help?

After the treatment, our doctors are recommending an outpatient treatment when they can follow-up on his progress, and maybe adjust a therapy.

Clinic Dr Vorobiev is the best clinic for dealing with an addiction in Europe. We are gathering an international team that is the best in helping the patients to go through this problem. Our doctors are always there for their patients and we are never giving up on them.

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