(Anesthesia Assisted Rapid Opioid Detox)

Opioid detoxification

Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification is another form of opiate detoxification in which a patient is receiving opiate antagonist medications (usually naltrexone) that send him into immediate acute withdrawal for several hours while he is put in a state of general anesthesia.

Ultra rapid opioid detox is a proven medical treatment, which has been used worldwide for the past 15 years and has shown to provide successful outcomes much higher than that of traditional methods of detoxification.

Rapid opioid detoxification is a safe and effective method to detoxify the body out of opioids within 8 hours. The idea of safe fast painless opioid detox is an accelerated administration of the opiate antagonist into the patient’s body and block his brain opioid receptors, in other words, to make patient’s opioid receptors unattainable for opiates and then to flush the freed opiates out of the patient’s body.

Quite torturous process of natural withdrawal from opiates usually takes up to 10 days. In case of UROD the whole process of withdrawal is compressed up to few hours and greatly reduced in severity. The most negative effects of withdrawal occur while the patient is in a state of controlled anesthesia. It means that the patient doesn’t feel pain and other discomfort symptoms of withdrawal due to administering to his body powerful painkillers and anesthetics.

Every opioid detoxification begins with comprehensive medical examination to ensure that urod is an appropriate fit for each patient. Medical assessment of the patient consists of a doctor examination and a complete diagnostic work up, including, but not limited to blood count, urine test, evaluation of heart, lung, liver and kidney function. All necessary preparations and detoxification plan are based on patient’s individual medical needs, drug experience and psycho-social status.

The process of safe fast painless opioid detox by itself is conducted only when the patient sleeps comfortably under anesthesia and doesn’t experience any pain. We keep our patients are under constant 24 hour doctor observation and closely monitored them during all stages of treatment by regular checking for oxygen intake, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and medicinal delivery.

Anesthesia-assisted opioid detox is only the initial step in recovery from opiate addiction. After completion of opioid detox and being discharged from hospital 3 days after, our patients start a continuing psychological treatment program to assure successful recovery.

With opio detox the in-patient phase of treatment is much shorter than traditional rapid opiate detoxification. Besides, urod treatment is designed to meet patients’ medical, psychological and social needs in order to achieve positive result to maximum. Your health and safety is our highest priority.