I’m 13 months clean and I don’t use drugs

I’m 24 years old, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. My problem was methadone, heroin, crack cocaine. I was here last October, I was feeling… Not a good feeling… But now, I’m 13 months clean and I don’t use drugs.

The idea of a painless reduction was absolutely fantastic

I first found Dr Vorobiev clinic online on the internet. I had lots of various situations. I had lots of various situations, lots of methods of controlling my opiate habit, but without success.

I was on drugs for 10 years heroin crack cocaine

Hi from England, experience on drugs. This rehab is nothing like what I thought it was gonna be like. I’m leaving today and I’m so happy, I’m on top of the world, this is the best I’ve ever felt in a long time. I feel like me.

Addiction free after 20 years of heroin usage

I’m embarrassed to say I’m 50, I come from *** in the UK. And I’m 44 from Nottingham… -ish. The treatment’s fantastic, the people are fantastic…ery quick to help. Any problems, you go to them and it’s sorted like that. Thank you very much.

Medical drug detox center

I am taking drugs 4 years and my whole life has gone down ever since. Everything, my home life, my work life, my appearance… Everything. So, I decided to do something about it and I searched the internet and I found Dr Vorobiev clinic.

Drug rehab centers uk patient smoked marijuana, crack cocaine, heroin, acid tabs

I started smoking drugs while i was at school, that was in early mid eighties, i left school smoking marijuana heavily ,every day smoking 6,7,8,10 joint. During my college days starting smoking acid tabs basically was at dancing scenes, house music, and acid trips were the main thing to do, and…


Naltrexone implant experiences patient from England

Also about my future plans, i were remain to stay clean, promise i made to my wife, and i will keep that promise, and also my children, the children really lot to me. and the main motivation for me to come here was my children, havent they see me, the way i was. first time was to myself , but the main reason this time was my family…

Naltrexone implant drug therapy patient from UK

I am a 29 year old woman from England and I started using drugs at 17, and progressed on the crack cocaine and heroin at 21, so I’ve had a problem with them for 8 years. I’ve tried 2 detoxes in England, as well as numerous home detoxes which didn’t work. I was quite apprehensive…

Adderal, oxycontin, xanax addiction, drug detoxification and Ibogaine therapy

Young lady from USA. Multiple drug addiction. Prescription drug abuse. Started with xanax, continue with adderal and OxyContin. The daily dose of each is up to 30 pills. Expressed nervousness, anxiety, sleep disorders. Numerous unsuccessful attempts to kick drug addiction before.

Addiction to cocaine, amphetamines, crack, marijuana , withdrawal treatment

Patient from Florida. 20 yo. Multiple drug addiction. Heavily dependent on Cocaine for the last two years. Daily dose of Cocaine from 1.0 to 10.0 gr. by nose. The main reason for seeking medical help is excruciating withdrawal syndrome: unbearable craving for cocaine, paranoia, insomnia for several…

Ibogaine completely changed my life – tablets addiction

I did treatment called ibogaine which completely changed my life. I started feeling emotions again, and i started even realizing that even if something hurts or something makes you angry it is still a human emotion that you are supposed to feel.

Ibogaine therapy for drug addiction, europe, facilities, success stories

Daniela: Hi, what’s your name? Marco: My name is Marco. Daniela: Where are you from, Marco? Marco: From Milan, Italy… Daniela: How old are you? Marco: 44. Daniela: Marco, what was your problem? Why did you come to this clinic? Marco: I had tons of problems. I was using heroin, cocaine…

Drug addiction treatment stories in europe, heroin intravenous injection

I am 35 years old. I have been using drugs for 15-16 years now. In the beginning they were all light drugs, then the hard ones – heroin, cocaine, and I injected intravenously, too. It destroyed my life. I had problems with the police and with my family. I’ve been trying out various therapies…

Amphetamine addiction , mmc, fmc drug addiction treatment center

I have been using drugs for 10 years. It began with pot, all the way to amphetamine, cocaine and heroin. Thank God, I’ve never injected it intravenously, but if I had continued on this path that would probably happen, too. My wife has been using drugs for 3 years. Amphetamine, MMC, kamikaze, FMC, 4…

Oxycontin abuse treatment, oxycodone addiction withdrawal

Patient from Italy. Problem with a chronic post-traumatic back pain. Abuse of OxyContin by using orally up to 800 mg per day. Underwent Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification. Detox took 5 day in-hospital treatment. After completion detox the patient shows no symptoms of physical withdrawal, minimized…

Quick drug detox program rehab center Europe

Hello, I am here to tell you about my family experience, why I ended up in the clinic dr Vorobiev in Serbia. The reason we reached this point was the problem we had to face as a family. When our third child became involved with drugs about approximately 10 years ago. He had made many efforts to…

Drug detoxification program and naltrexone implant procedure

Patient from Greece.27 yo. Heroin addiction for many years. Passed ultra rapid opiate detoxification and went on Naltrexone implant program for one year. After one year of being under naltrexone protection lost craving for drugs, gained ability to control his behavior, obtained a good job…