Marko: Hi guys, my name is Marko, and I am from Italian region called Veneto

Daniela: Hi Marko, you are from Veneto…

Marko: yes…

Daniela: and what was your problem?

Marko: my problem was getting rid of my addiction to methadone, heroin, cocaine and other substances.

Daniela: why did you decide to have a treatment at our clinic?

Marko: I chose to have a treatment primarily because I want better and healthier life, and to improve my relationship with people I grew distant from. I want better future because I realized that this is not the right path to better life. I play sports, I have a girlfriend who loves me and friends, at this moment, they are all estranged, and I am alone, so I decided to quit, to get rid of methadone

Daniela: How did you find this clinic?

Marko: I found this clinic over the internet, but I also heard about Ibogain therapy, but because Ibogain in Italy is not legalized, I started looking up therapies elsewhere and that is how I found the clinic or Dr. Vorobiev.

Daniela: Why did you choose our clinic?

Marko: I choose this clinic juste for this reason that you are using Ibogain, and, to tell the truth…it was the only clinic that gave me … more confidence…how to say…

Daniela: I understand, so Marko, since your therapy is over, what do you think of the therapy?

Marko: Well, during therapy I had some small pain, but it was negligible, because I always had a team of doctors near. I was not left alone even during the night, not a moment. We were always together, and when I had withdrawal crisis, I was supported by medication so I barely felt the crisis.

Daniela: Ok Marko and how do you feel now?

Marko: Now I feel very good, in full strength. Of course, now comes period of stabilization, when everything needs to be balanced, so I can’t say it is completely over 100%, but it is 99%.

Daniela: So you are satisfied with results?

Marko: More than satisfied! Really very satisfied!

Daniela: Ok, will you recommend this clinic to other people who have the same problem?

Marko: Of course, that’s what I want to do, as I have many friends who are addicted to narcotics and who are struggling to get rid of heroin, methadone, heroine and cocaine. I want to show those guys the results on myself. I will also show them your website, and explain the treatment.

Daniela: Ok Marko, thank you very much.

Marko: Thank you!

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