Hard core heroin addiction for ten years. Daily dose of pure heroin is up to 8.0 gr intravenously. Rapid opioid detoxification for 7 days included 3 anesthesia assisted procedures. Additional pharmacological support and neuro jet therapy were used. Naltrexone treatment is planned. Result: negative urine tests, no symptoms of physical withdrawal, drastically reduced craving for drugs.

dr Alexey: Muhamed, tomorrow you are leaving our clinic, you go home. The detoxification is over. Can you tell us shortly your story. We would all like to hear it.

patient: I am 27 years old, recovering heroin addict. I’ve been an addict for many years. I’ve started about 2003 and I kept increasing the dose until I got to a point where I couldn’t manage my life. It was very disturbing, so I decided that I needed to stop and I went through many different options and many different clinics and many different doctors in the past. I found nothing that helped me, until I looked on the internet and I found website called Refind your way. I called them and they put me in contact with your clinic, dr Vorobiev’s clinic. Immediately they were very cooperative and they helped me with getting the visa. It took about two weeks or 15 days from the day I called them till the day I got here.

Detox started the first day I got here and it went through smoothly. I didn’t feel a thing, no pain. I was completely unconscious, but afterwards when I woke up I was a little dizzy, but I wasn’t feeling any pain. I never experienced the withdrawal pain that I experienced beforehand. Now I’m clean completely. I’ve just done my drug test and it came back negative and I feel great, and I’m ready to presume my life. I don’t know what else to say. The clinic itself is not bad at all. The staff was very friendly, very helpful. They were always there for me whenever I needed anything it was given to me or brought to me. The place is clean, everything is ok.

dr Alexey: Tell me please, how did you feel during detoxification? Detoxification consisted of 3 procedures eventually because you were on high doses and to make everything smoothly we used 3 procedures during 7 days.

Anyway, when you were under detoxification, you slept, you were unconscious, you were medically in deep sleep, but during this procedure, please give us more details, how did you feel ?

patient: Before the first procedure, I was just coming off of heroin, and I went straight into a detox and I felt really strange, felt dizzy, and I’ve never been under anesthesia before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I woke up feeling very uncoordinated and very dizzy, but I didn’t have any physical symptoms or withdrawal symptoms. Before the second procedure I started to feel a little pain and my muscles were stiff. I was stressed out, my mood was horrible. After the second procedure it started to get better and started to fell like I can function normally.

dr Alexey: Start believing in recovery eventually?

patient: Yes. Recovery started after the second procedure and by third one I was completely done with the withdrawal. The whole process was up and down, up and down. At some point you feel very …it’s like a wave. Sometimes you feel up, sometimes you feel down.

dr Alexey: But this was less and less, or how was it?

patient: Yes, It goes less. It goes less and less, of course. After the first procedure it was considerably.

dr Alexey: You feel the difference between ups and downs, and during the procedures this becomes less, less and eventually, now you feel stable. Can you tell us please, did the treatment meet the expectations?

patient: Yes, of course.

dr Alexey: Are you satisfied with the result of the treatment, truly?

patient: Honestly, yes.

dr Alexey: I must tell you that your process was very difficult for us, because of high dose of heroin, and we tried to do our best, and I’m also happy with the result of the treatment. You are now in much better physical condition, almost satisfied physical condition. You need to continue your treatment with rehabilitation, with family support. You have to think about this and just in case, if you need some kind of help, please just call us, contact us, and we’ll help you.

patient: Thanks a lot!

dr Alexey: Thank you!

In our clinic for painless heroin detoxification, we have patient from all over the world: Brighton, London, Newcastle , Southampton, Leeds, UK, Liverpool, Los angeles, Manchester, Bedford, Glasgow, Birmingham, Sheffield, Nottingham, and also from Germany, Italy, Usa, Austria, Ireland, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary…