I’m here because I was on heroin for 6 years. I started smoking hashish when I was 14 years old, as well as using LSD and a lot of other different things. And then I got a genius idea of trying heroin one day. And I felt like that was the piece of the puzzle that was missing inside of me.

And ever since then the time has just simply passed. It simply disappeared, 6 years of my life have gone by and I can never get them back.

I really did try to beat my addiction many times. I was on methadone for 3 years, but that didn’t change anything. Staying away from methadone is nearly impossible. I attended inpatient treatment. But in order to get in I had to go to countless treatments and interviews.

And nothing good ever came out of all that. I once managed to get in to impatient treatment in Denmark, and there I was taken off methadone.

And that was the best thing I have ever tried. During the first month it was going well. Then I realized that I actually gave up, I didn’t consider I was able to save myself or do something with my own situation.

But I started researching on the internet and I found this clinic. And even though this clinic doesn’t have a magical cure, it has procedures that don’t exist in other places.

Rapid detox and Ibogaine

People from America and around the world come here to try some of these methods. I came here with the help of my family, who paid for everything and I got Rapid detox and Ibogaine.

Ibogaine alone isn’t the most pleasant experience, but I noticed the way it blocked my addiction, which I would otherwise feel constantly.

When I got here I was on 250 mg of methadone, but now for the first time in 6 years I once again feel alive. I would like to recommend to all my friends, all the people I know in Denmark. The people who don’t believe there is hope for them, to come here and give it a try.

I know it’s a lot of money and I know it requires a lot from a person and it’s definitely not easy, but it’s worth it. I’ve done it anyway and I’m starting from the beginning, to try and learn how to be a human being again.

I regret the past 6 years, I regret I didn’t come here sooner, maybe it would all be different. But I stumbled in attempt to do something right.

There you go, that is all I would like to say.

In our clinic for painless drug detoxification, we have patient from all over the world: Bedford, Brighton, London, Newcastle, Southampton, Leeds, UK. Also from Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow, Birmingham, Nottingham, and also from Germany, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Usa, Austria…