Hello, my name is ***, I am a former addict, major addict of opiates, cocaine, every possible drug possible. I was very dependent on them, couldn’t live my life for even a second, that’s all I cared about. I had no emotions due to them, I could care less if my mum or dad died right there, I would not feel it, because I had no emotions, I was so cold.

Before I came here I was in a very bad condition. I died 3 times, I’ve almost killed myself a few times due to these drugs. I destroyed my family, destroyed everything around me, friends, anything that gave me pleasure. I had no pleasure in anything that I used to before. I didn’t care about anything, but the drug.

I heard about this through my dad’s friend who’s brought his son here, who has had success. So they offered me it and I arrived right away, with next plane ticket to Serbia, I came. When I came here I was in a rough condition, not a good condition at all, due to how much I was using.

Throughout the process, it was a little rough at first, but it was kept under control due to how well I was being taken care of by the doctors, had a good psychologist to talk to. All the emotions that I had built up inside me, started coming out.

I had a lot of unanswered questions, that prevented me from concentrating on the present, I was still stuck in the past. The Ibogaine helped me answer those questions to the point where I’m not worried about the past anymore, I’m just worried about the present. I don’t even think much about the future, I just think about today and today only and what I’m gonna do today. Not even a couple of hours from now, just an hour by hour, just what I plan on doing today.

I’m very satisfied with what I’ve got out of this program.

It was well worth it. I would suggest it to anybody and everybody that has problems with any sort of drug possible, alcohol, or anything they abuse.

Honestly, Ibogaine, you feel a little rougher for 2 days, but after that wears off, the man, or female, that you were before you ever did drugs, a new man. You can concentrate better, I find that even my vision got better. I’m very happy with what I’ve got out of this program. Today will most likely be my last day, I get the implant, which prevents opiates from getting you high or whatever, even though I have no desire whatsoever for them, but if in the near future it does happen, it’s something that’s gonna be in my mind to tell me that if I do use I’ll either overdose or die, which will make me think twice about using it.

It also puts a blockage in your brain, for when the triggers come along that make you think about the drugs. I think a lot more now about normal things, I love being around normal people and I can’t stand being around or talking about drugs. It’s not me. That was me, this is now me. I’m a new man and I’m happy with who I am. That’s all I have to say.