From which country are you from?

The UK.

Ok. How did you hear about our clinic? How did you decide to come here?

It was based on, for me, on the internet. It is cheaper, as well.

What was the problem, because you came to our clinic for a treatment?

I was a heroin addict.

For how long?

20 years.

Which consequences did you have from using narcotics before you came here?

No money and I haven’t been able to have a child.

What was the most important procedure on the treatment here?

I didn’t feel nothing. It is very good, yeah.

How do you feel after the treatment?

I feel normal. Yeah.

How is this treatment different from your treatment before?

Much different.

In which way?

The treatments that I’ve had is methadone. With methadone you still get withdrawals. And on subutex, and with that you still get withdrawal. With this I’ve had not withdrawal.

What were your expectations from this treatment at our clinic?

No pain.

And did you get that?

Yeah, yeah.

OK. Would you recommend our clinic to other people?

Yeah, definitely, yeah.

And what are your plans after the treatment here, when you go home?

I wanna stay clean and come back after 2 months and get another implant put in.

In our clinic for painless drug detoxification, we have patient from all over the world: Bedford, Brighton, London, Newcastle, Southampton, Leeds, UK, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow, Birmingham, Nottingham, and also from Germany, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Usa, Austria…