Substitol 800-1200 mg per day i.v. Patient from Austria. Long term addiction on opiates. Opiate replacement therapy by Kompensan for two years. Abused Kompensan by using 800-1200mg intravenously. Underwent drug detoxification with following mental dependence treatment. Currently is on Naltrexone treatment. Clean. No craving for drugs.

Articles about substitol ,drug detoxification ,naltrexone treatment:

  • Handled professionally substitol addiction can be conquered. The substitol addict is unlikely to be able to achieve the process of ‘getting clean’ by himself.
  • Drug detoxification must be conducted by professionals in a medically supervised facility, where the right medication can be administered on the right time to manage potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms.
  • Naltrexone treatment doesn’t suit every drug addict. There are two certain criteria making a person eligible for naltrexone program.