The patient from Switzerland. Started using benzodiazepines after a car accident two years ago to relieve panic attacks, to avoid nightmares and flashbacks. Due to developed tolerance two months after was forced to increase the dosage of benzodiazepines to achieve the desirable comfort. Attempts to stop using benzodiazepines lead to uncontrolable nervousness, agression, panic, fear attacks, insomnia. Lost the ability to work productively, constant feeling of inner tension. After passing comprehensive drug detoxification, including Neuro Jet Therapy feels well, has no coplains, returns home in good health condition.

dr Alexey: Carlo, where are you from?

patient: I’m from Switzerland.

dr Alexey: Carlo, today you finished treatment and you are leaving home. How do you feel?

patient: I feel quiet and satisfied.

dr Alexey: Carlo, tell us please what was your main problem? Tell us about the problem which led you to our clinic?

patient: My big problem is benzodiazepine.

dr Alexey: Can you tell us shortly what happened to you?

patient: Yes. Two years ago happened my accident in Thailand, very bad accident with motorbike, so the doctor prescribed to me benzodiazepines.

dr Alexey: Benzodiazepines as medication against post traumatic disorder? You told us that you had few eye surgeries?

patient: Yes, I had eye surgery, an ear surgery three times. For three nights I had surgeries. This was for me a big stress so the doctor gave me benzodiazepines.

dr Alexey: He prescibed the medications. When you came back to Switzerland you continued with benzodiazepines?

patient: Yes, yes.

dr Alexey: When did you realize that you have a problem with benzodiazepines, that actually you became addicted to benzodiazepines?

patient: I already knew before that benzodiazepines get addiction problems. I realized that immediately after three months, but with my work I can not sleep, because the problem is sleep.

dr Alexey: Did you try to solve this problem without medical help, alone?

patient: Yes, I tried alone, but…

dr Alexey: What was the result?

patient: Result is nothing. I can stay without 3 day and I…

dr Alexey: You start feeling nervous?

patient: Yes, sure, I feel nervous and noise in my head for the accident.

dr Alexey: How did you find our clinic?

patient: I found the clinic in internet.

dr Alexey: What do you think about treatment you received at our clinic? Are you satisfied with the results of the treatment?

patient: Yes, I am satisfied.

dr Alexey: Today is the tenth day when you are without benzodiazepines. Your body is cleaned. Do you feel any symptoms of benzodiazepines withdrawal now?

patient: No, I don’t feel. I feel good, quiet.

dr Alexey: Physically you feel OK?

patient: Yes, just a little tired because of the therapy.

dr Alexey: Can you tell us, how was the treatment? How did you feel at the first day, how it was during the treatment?

patient: In the first day I feel sleepy, and in the last day my strength come back slowly, slowly. My mind became more clean, and more……I don’t know in English, I’m sorry, because I’m Italian and I speak Italian. But I am more clean, I feel better, I can see my life clear.

dr Alexey: You have an experience to leave the benzodiazepines alone without any medical help. This treatment passed smoothly. You say that you felt comfortable during the treatment.

dr Alexey: Can you compare these two withdrawals, with medical help, and without medical help?

patient: Yes, without medical help, it’s too much heavy. I was nervous, felt anxiety. With medical help I can feel more comfortable, I can sleep in the night and I have the doctor near me for help. So I feel more and more better.

dr Alexey: What are your plans for future?

patient: My plans for future is to lead normal life, come back to normal life, play sports and enjoy my life with nothing addicted to. Normal life, normal work…

dr Alexey: From our side, the doctor’s side, we are also satisfied with the treatment. The problem of benzodiazepine addiction is solved. Your body is cleaned. You passed detoxification from the benzodiazepines in a matter of a few days. Process was smooth and quite comfortable. Your health condition is stable, so physically you don’t present any symptoms of withdrawal, but mentally you can still feel some kind of nervousness during the day, still can fell some kind of sleep problems. We call this condition the post abstinent syndrome. It will be solved with the help of medication, with much more reduced doze of medication in a matter of three or four weeks. Now, what do you have to do is to be cautious, to be vigilant. Please, never take benzodiazepines again, because for you this is a real problem. What ever problems you may have, let us know, consult us by phone or by e-mail and we’ll discuss the matter, discuss the case and try to solve this problem. But benzodiazepine is for you forbidden medication.

patient: Ok.

dr Alexey: So, you are leaving home. We are satisfied with the results and we wish you the best.

patient: Thank you very much.

In our clinic for benzodiazepine detoxification, we have patient from all over the world: Southampton, Leeds, UK, Liverpool, Manchester, Bedford, Glasgow, Birmingham, Brighton, London, Newcastle, Sheffield, Nottingham, and also from Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Usa, Germany, Poland, Greece, Austria…