Patient from Florida. 20 yo. Multiple drug addiction. Heavily dependent on Cocaine for the last two years. Daily dose of Cocaine from 1.0 to 10.0 gr. by nose. The main reason for seeking medical help is excruciating withdrawal syndrome: unbearable craving for cocaine, paranoia, insomnia for several nights, anxiety, aggressiveness, restlessness, loss of appetite, nausea, weight deficit, extreme fatigue. After two week in-patient treatment including drug detoxification, maintaining therapy, counseling the patient demonstrates complete recovery from abstinent syndrome, strong denial of craving for drugs.

dr Alexey: Where are you from?

patient: I am originally born in Yugoslavia, but I live in Florida.

dr Alexey: Tell me please, what kind of problems you had?

patient: I had problems with cocaine, amphetamines, crack, anything speedy.

dr Alexey: What was the first drug?

patient: My first drug ever tried was marijuana.

dr Alexey: When was it, what age?

patientt:14 years old.

dr Alexey: And later there was cocaine and amphetamines, at what age?

patient: About 17 years old.

dr Alexey: For how long were you on cocaine?

patient: Approximately about 3 years.

dr Alexey: Why did you decide to undergo treatment?

patient: Well, number one, it was a short process from what I saw on the internet, and number to, it was about time that I did.

dr Alexey: How did you fell before treatment?

patient: Before treatment I was skeptical as anybody would be, but as the process was going on I started figuring out that my addiction slowly started going away.

dr Alexey: Tell me, how did you feel? How did you sleep? How did you function? How was your daily activity before treatment?

patient: Before treatment it was hard to sleep. I could not get a wink of sleep due to the cocaine and all the amphetamines. When I got to treatment facility they gave me medication to help with my sleep. So, not only did I get normal hours of sleep here, I was functioning like a normal human being without too many drugs in my body.

dr Alexey: You past detoxification and special course for mental dependence treatment. What do you think about treatment? How it looked like? How long was it?

patient: The process was only two weeks long. What I think about it? I think it was amazing. I think it was well needed. I think everybody with an addiction needs to look on this facility as soon as possible.

dr Alexey: Now, when you are going home, how do you feel?

patient: I feel great. I feel like a brand new man!

dr Alexey: You understand that the treatment is not over, just inpatient phase of treatment, and you are going into the next phase outpatient treatment, which suppose to be for the whole year you are outpatient. We expect to see you every month for regular check ups, just to see, to assess your physical, mental condition to make a therapy.

dr Alexey: We want you to be with us for the whole year and only then we have the right to speak about the results of the treatment? Do you agree with me?

patient: I agree with you.

dr Alexey: So do you have something to say more?

patient: What I have to say is this facility is the best and I am only saying that because I was a part of this facility. This facility would be a part of me for the rest of my life, and this facility has given me something that I can never get without it – a free mind!

dr Alexey: In case you have someone, some of your friends, who also has this problem, do you recommend him our clinic?

patient: I recommend this clinic. This clinic is the best clinic! And I mean it!

dr Alexey: Thank you very much! We wish you all the best, and we really hope that everything will be ok. We’ll stay in touch and be friends. Thank you!

In our clinic for drug detoxification, we have patient from all over the world: UK, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Bedford, Glasgow, Birmingham, Brighton, London, Newcastle, Southampton, Leeds, Nottingham, and also from Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Poland, Greece, Usa , Austria…