Heroin, amphetamine addiction stories with English translation.

I have been using drugs for 10 years. It began with pot, all the way to amphetamine, cocaine and heroin. Thank God, I’ve never injected it intravenously, but if I had continued on this path that would probably happen, too. My wife has been using drugs for 3 years. Amphetamine, MMC, kamikaze, FMC, 4-FA, basically the same. We tried to quit with aid of medications, but we failed. We felt terrible. We were worried because of our two children, twins, whom we neglected a bit. Thank God, nothing happened to them. Their grandma and grandpa were always there, constantly coming and checking on the girls.

From our friends and on the internet we found out about Dr Vorobiev clinic. We spent two weeks at the clinic and underwent special treatments, strictly following instructions, which helped us a lot. So we can recommend this to any drug addict, or any ex-drug addict who cannot deal with certain problems yet. There are many nice people here. The treatment really speaks for itself.

I can recommend this clinic to anyone

We can talk about some serious success rates here. As far as we know, everyone who came here had very positive experience, and that convinced us to come to this clinic. We felt much better ever since. Once more we are who we used to be, before all with the drugs started. Every month we come for a check-in. They didn’t just forget about us after the treatment, they still take care of their patients from time to time, to be sure we are fine. Basically, that would be it. So, I can recommend this clinic to anyone who has a drug problem. Thank you.

In our clinic for drug addiction , we have patient from all over the world: UK, Liverpool, London, Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham, Newcastle, Southampton, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Bedford, Glasgow, and also from Germany, Italy, USA, Austria, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary…