Patient from Italy. Hard core multiple drug addiction. The main problem is Methadone addiction combined with long term heroin use. Underwent the full course of drug addiction treatment including Ibogaine therapy. Currently is on long term Naltrexone implant program. Three months after treatment demonstrates satisfactory and stable physical and mental condition. Craving for drugs is drastically reduced. Minor sleep disorders.

Articles about Ibogaine treatment, methadone addiction:

  • Methadone addictions and typical symptoms such as: inner comfort, relaxation, warmth, drowsiness, pleasant heaviness in a body, emotional detachment. The body temperature drops, heart rate and respiration slow down, blood pressure is getting low.
  • Vivid visualizations is the main feature of Ibogaine therapy which last up to 6 hours. During that time we actively work with our patients to use that time to analyze the conditions. Causes which underlie their drug addiction and help them to find the ways out.
  • Ibogaine side effects mostly depend on the dose of administered Ibogaine and individual’s sensitivity to it.
  • There are few very important moments that the patient receiving naltrexone therapy must be aware.