Drug addiction stories with english translation.

I am 35 years old. I have been using drugs for 15-16 years now. In the beginning they were all light drugs, then the hard ones – heroin, cocaine, and I injected intravenously, too. It destroyed my life. I had problems with the police and with my family. I’ve been trying out various therapies, but it never worked, until I heard, from a friend, for doctor Vorobjev’s therapy in Serbia. That’s when I decided to go there. I spent two weeks there. Yes, the therapy wasn’t easy, but it is endurable. When I left after two weeks, I took sedatives, but I didn’t consume drugs any more.

Now and then I dreamt of drugs, but that became less and less frequent with time. And yes, now I’m «clean» for 4 months already and I feel very good. I don’t even dream of it any more. I can go to work and I’m physically active. This brought me back to life. Again I can have a normal life and dream of other things, like all the other people. Currently I’m bringing my life in order again. I don’t need anything, I feel good. What can I say? I’m bringing my life in order. Without the police, without the felonies I committed. One more thing I want to say, whoever decides to quit drugs, has a real chance there.

In our clinic for opiate addiction , we have patient from all over the world: Leeds, Sheffield, Nottingham, UK, Liverpool, London, Newcastle, Southampton, Brighton, Bedford, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, and also from Usa, Austria, Poland, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria…