Patient from Greece.27 yo. Heroin addiction for many years. Passed ultra rapid opiate detoxification and went on Naltrexone implant program for one year. After one year of being under naltrexone protection lost craving for drugs, gained ability to control his behavior, obtained a good job, retrieved normal family and interpersonal relationship.

Hi! I’m 27 years old and I was taking drugs for many years, like a heroin and for 5 years.

I’ve tried going to different programmes on treatments and nothing helped. I was like for 2 months maximum out and then I was again back on the drugs.

A year ago I searched through the internet, I found this clinic dr Vorobiev and I called them and they told me all about their programme and the treatment. It sounded like it was something more advanced than what I’ve done before.

I said I would give it a try. I came in the two week programme in the clinic and went through the detoxification and also through the mental treatment and after that I was on naltrexone implant programmme.

I was put in naltrexone implant every three months. Now, after a year I am clean, I go to work. I live in London and my life is different. I don’t take drugs any more, and I don’t think about them any more. So actually it helped me and it worked.

I think it’s the best programme I’ve ever been through so my life is now good and different.

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