Anonymous patient from UK talks about drug rehab treatment

I started smoking drugs while i was at school, that was in early mid eighties, i left school smoking marijuana heavily, every day smoking 6, 7, 8, 10 joint. During my college days starting smoking acid tabs basically was at dancing scenes, house music, and acid trips were the main thing to do. At the same time still smoking marijuana, then we moved on to mixture alcohol, marijuana, and acid.

And slowly in the late of eighties heroin came to England scene, quite big, and few of my friends got to in to it, starting smoking , slowly came in to my life, and basically right in 97-98 i starting smoking heroin, basically took over me, i was smoking heavily every day. Same time was cocaine came on the season, came to the streets, we tested cocaine, few of my friends starting smoking cocaine, left heroin. I basically smoked crack cocaine for one year heavily , which was the worst year in my life. because the crack totally destroyed me.


Heroin was getting bigger and bigger in England, from 90 – 2000 heroin took over in England every big city. We have problems with heroin abuse, and i was still taking heroin in 2002, were i started doing rehabs, i went to rehabs in Englad, basically i decided that 13-14 years was more than enough.

During those years i also get married and my wife she didn’t know i was addict. And when i confess to her , yes i was a drug addict, shes the one who persuaded me to start drug rehabs, and i went to three rehabs in England. Where i had oral naltrexone for one of the rehabs, and during on second rehab i was introduced to naltrexone implants, during my time in rehabs i had 10 naltrexone rehabs in England, every three months i have to go back to rehab and have the implant back to my body.

Dr Vorobiev clinic

So between 2002 and now , i been in rehabs , try to get rid of drugs from my life, and now i’m here in Dr Vorobiev clinic in Serbia. Which for me personally has been the best rehab, the way they control your withdrawal , is second to none, you do feel withdrawal but its control thru medication, you can walk thru the clinic freely. In England you can find the room basically, the way they do in England, the first day they monitoring you. Take the blood pressure, everything else, blood test, and then they put you to the sleep, for three days, they wake you up on the fourth day, and fifth day they give you oral naltrexone and you leave the clinic like a zombie.

Today is my last day in this clinic, and i feel good very good, i can walk i feel brilliant. In the future any my friends i will definitely recommend to them. And my future plans its to remain clean, mainly for my family.

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