Can you tell us something about the problem you had?

Yes, I’m here for heroin addiction. First time I used it 12 years ago, after 10 years I relapsed and I realized that I cannot do it by myself, the detox, so I chose to come to a clinic.

How did you find us?

I found you on Google. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any other information, just from Google.

And what was the information that helped you decide to come to our clinic?

There are many parts. There are also a lot of treatments that can be done here, also the whole support and also the price. Those were the things that made me decide.

Can you tell us something about your treatment here?

I found it very good. Comparing with other clinics, you don’t feel sleepy and you’re just normal. Here they don’t do a detox very, very quickly, so very aggressive, they do it step by step, and that helps us.

How do you feel now at the end of your treatment and what are your plans for the future?

Well, now I’m feeling happy that I’ve solved the problem and I will try to make myself a private life that I didn’t have before, and I miss it.

In our clinic for painless drug detoxification, we have patient from all over the world: Bedford, Brighton, London, Newcastle, Southampton, Leeds, UK, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow, Birmingham, Nottingham, and also from Germany, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Usa, Austria…