I’m from England and my problem was heroin addiction and methadone as well, but before I came I stopped my methadone for 20 days so there was no methadone in my system but I had heroine in my system. I was injecting all the time in my legs, I decided to come to Dr Vorobiev clinic because I feel that this is the best clinic around in the Europe…European Union.

I felt nervous when I came here because when I reached the point of reception I felt withdrawals. So, straight away, they told me to sign a few papers, and took me straight upstairs and gave me tablets, and I felt really relaxed for a few hours and then I had basically withdrawal symptoms again and they told me “Come and tell us if you fell anything”.

So the people was so friendly, I’ve never seen anything like this you know. All the people, the staff, the nurse, the kitchen staff, the lady that takes you for pool and outside, everybody is brilliant here.

And after my detoxification Its been eight days and I feel great, so I think everybody should come here, this is the place.